PUBG Global Invitational S Announced for 2021, Brings Back In-Person Events

by in PUBG | Nov, 20th 2020

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will go in yet another new direction when it comes to the esports aspect in 2021. The PUBG Corp. has officially announced the PUBG Global Invitational S as the next major event for the competitive side of the battle royale game.

PUBG Global Invitational S Announced

The PUBG Global Invitational S will bring back the style of the original Global Invitational event that happened in Berlin in 2018 when the game hadn’t been out for too long yet. This was followed in 2019 by the Global Championship for the first time.

Though it was likely going to continue this year with yet another Global Championship event, the world had a different plan for the battle royale game and everything else with the global pandemic and all. This year was the Continental Series, instead, but it looks like that won’t be continuing in 2021 after all.

Instead, the company behind the massive battle royale game is already gearing up to return to the standard in-person events that we used to have for esports tournaments. In this case, it will be known as the PUBG Global Invitational S and early next year.

This new S version of the original Invitational event from 2018 will take what was done there and change it up into a multi-part esports festival that should offer some exciting new competition for some of the best players to participate in and fans to enjoy as well.

When the Event Starts and Ends

The PUBG Global Invitational S will be held for eight consecutive weeks near the beginning of the year from Feb. 1-March 28. Those eight weeks, or roughly two months of competition, will see some of the very best teams in the world compete in a mini-esports league of sorts.

As for what the S part of the event name means, PUBG Corp. notes that it means a few different things from the survival aspect of the game, series as well since it will take a new format that we haven’t really seen before for PUBG, supremacy for whatever reasons, showmanship, showdown since it will have teams from around the globe, and safety.

That last part is arguably the most important part of the PUBG Global Invitational S since it is being billed as the “best tournament yet” and meant to be safe for everyone involved. It is also the longest esports festival to date, with the eight weeks that will go on.

To this point, there will be 32 of the very best teams from around the world who will show up in South Korea to compete against one another for some impressive pieces of the massive prize pool. The total prize pool will be $3.5 million plus potentially more, depending on the community.

32 Teams Will Compete in the Event

How the 32 teams are determined is invite-only with only a select few from different world regions. There will be seven teams from Europe invited to compete in the event, six from China, five from Southeast Asia, four from North America, four from South Korea, two from Latin America, two from Japan, and two from Chinese Taipei.

Unfortunately, the actual teams competing in this event were not revealed in this initial announcement, so you will have to wait a little longer to find out who will be there. As mentioned before, there will be eight weeks of competition that will divide into two main parts.

There are the weekly survival matches and then the weekly finals. For the first week of the PUBG Global Invitational S event, all of the teams will compete in preliminary rank decision matches to figure out where everyone will go in the festival’s initial placement.

The top 16 teams out of those initial matches will then compete in the first weekly survival match. Those 16 teams will compete in traditional battle royale style to figure out who the winner will be.

How the Event Format and Prizes Will Work

There will be 16 total weekly survival matches, ending up with 16 teams as the winners. Those 16 winners will earn some portions of the prize money and then go to the weekly finals to compete against one another.

After a team has earned their place in the weekly finals, they are exempt from the upcoming weekly survival matches. The next team in the rankings will compete against the returning 15 teams who weren’t able to win.

The weekly finals themselves will have 10 matches that will happen and much more prize money on the line for the teams who do well in them. This will continue in this back-and-forth between the weekly survival matches and the weekly finals until the eight weeks are up.

Once the eights are done with, the PUBG Global Invitational S’s grand champions will be determined. That champion team will, oddly enough, be the team who wins the most prize money out of all 32 of them. It doesn’t seem that there will be an extra match or event to determine the overall winner.

Teams will have a chance to earn more money beyond the initial $3.5 million prize pool since the Pick’ Em Challenge will return. This is where the community can purchase items themed around the teams. Thirty percent of the profits from these sales will add to the prize pool.

The eight-week event is taking some critical steps to make the event a safe one held in person for the teams but likely not for the audience who will probably have to watch online. There will be mandatory quarantine for two weeks before the event starts once the teams arrive. The event is following all government guidelines and safety precautions.


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