PUBG Esports 2021 Roadmap Finally Revealed

by in PUBG | Feb, 5th 2021

The start of a new year can only mean one thing: the start of new esports seasons for some of your favorite games in the world. One particular game, PUBG, has announced its plans for this year’s season. We have all of the details here for you in the PUBG Esports 2021 roadmap. 

PUBG Esports 2021 Roadmap Announced

The PUBG Esports 2021 roadmap has been released by the official esports department at PUBG, revealing all of the details that we need to know about what will happen with the battle royale game and its official competitions for the next year. 

To reveal the fresh new details about what is coming this year, the roadmap was announced in a blog post on the official PUBG Esports website, where it was revealed the focus of this year’s season. According to the esports organization, it comes down to three main areas this year. 

The main focus is the fans in the community who watch the PUBG Esports 2021 content. The organization wishes to ensure that there are as many convenient ways to watch as possible, new places to watch, rewards for the Pick’ Em Challenge, giveaways during live streams, and more. 

From there, the second focus is the players who are competing in the actual events themselves. The prize pools have been steadily increased this year, new ways of teams earning revenue is on the way, and the PUBG Esports team is committed to working with players during this pandemic. 

Finally, the last focus of the PUBG Esports 2021 roadmap is to ensure that the global competition is the best that it can be. With such a worldwide battle royale game like this one, ensuring that as many players and regions could enjoy the tournaments this year is one of the most important things. 

Four Major Events Will Happen This Year

When it comes to the actual PUBG Esports 2021 roadmap released this year, it is pretty light in terms of content. It is almost depressing how small it feels as the roadmap includes every month for the 2021 calendar year. 

But the sad thing about it is that out of the 12 months shown on the PUBG Esports 2021 roadmap, only four of them will have events in total. This means that for the 2021 season, there will only be four main events touted as official ones. 

This doesn’t mean that there won’t be other official and/or third-party events that will happen during the 2021 season but that these four main events will be the focal points of the season. 

But the best part is that the PUBG Esports 2021 roadmap kicks off with the first of the four events this month. The PUBG Global Invitational S will be the first of the four main events this year and offer something different from the usual events that we have. 

It is the first of the four main global events this year and will give us a pretty good idea of how the year will shape. This month, it is so be prepared for more info on it, the teams that will be there, what the format will be, and more soon.

With the PGIS 2021 happening this month, it is a long wait in the year until the next major global event happens on the PUBG Esports 2021 roadmap. The PUBG Continental Series 4 will happen a few months from now in June to kick off a summer of content. 

That will be followed up a few months later by the fifth PUBG Continental Series event, of which there are just two this year, and the wait for that one will not be nearly as long as the wait between the first two events. The fifth PCS will happen in September at the tail-end of the summer. 

A couple of months after that, the 2021 season will conclude with the PUBG Global Championship 2021, in which the winner of everything will be crowned, and the new world champion and the best team will be determined. That event will happen in November near the end of the year. 

Changes to How the Continental Series Will Work

The PUBG Continental Series has been around for a while now, with three main ones in the past. Two more events are coming this year and will mostly follow much of the same format that we had for the first three ones. 

But some fundamental changes are happening with 4 and 5 that will make it a much more improved and widespread experience overall. Like their predecessors, the PUBG Continental Series 4 and 5 events will have online tournaments across four different regions. 

Much of the changes that are happening with them have to do with the regions themselves. For one, the former North American region is now expanding to have more than just the three countries that are in North America this time around. 

The North America region will now be known as the Americas region. It will encompass both North and South America, allowing the Latin American region to be a large group. This new consolidated region known as the Americas will participate together during the PCS tournaments this year. 

PUBG Esports is also expanding the selection process for which teams are chosen to participate in the PCS events as a whole. Through this, it is also planning to increase the number of overall matches in the events themselves. 

This leads us to believe that more teams may compete in the two PUBG Continental Series events this year. But this is something that is currently unknown at this time. Regardless, the idea is to have a more stable competition with more action for fans to watch. 

The selection process for the Continental Series has not been revealed at this time either. It is uncertain how the teams will be picked, what qualifying events will count towards it, how teams can make waves in their region to earn a place there, etc.

While this is unknown for now, there is a chance that third-party events could play into this. While these four major events are the ones that PUBG Esports officially host, there are other third-party events that the organization is looking into adding to bolster the 2021 season further. 

PUBG Global Championship 2021 Details

With those first three events out of the way, we come to the fourth and final one that will happen this year: the PUBG Global Championship. This is the single most significant highlight of every PUBG Esports season, and that will not be changing at all with the upcoming 2021 season. 

This is where the very best teams and players will gather together to compete and determine which team is the best one around. Few details were shared about how the PGC will work this year, including the format and everything else, so it is unknown what it will look like this year. 

Will it be an in-person event by the time we roll around to November? Will it be a hybrid one with some teams playing in person while others are playing online that are nearby? Or will the pandemic force the competition to be entirely online for all of the teams around the world? 

We will likely find out more about that as we get closer to November, as we imagine that this year will ensure that we can’t plan anything like that at this point. We know some details about how the selection process will work for the teams who compete in the PGC. 

Teams will qualify for the Global Championship by earning points from the various regional tournaments that happen throughout the year. We imagine that some of these tournaments include the PCS events that will happen throughout the year and other ones. 

Some additional ways that teams will qualify for the PGC, though, beyond the points system, like certain regions having other events, instead. In certain undisclosed regions, they will be a wildcard system and third-party tournaments used to determine who gets to the championship event. 

The reason for this is to ensure that strong teams that are outside of the four main regions of Asia, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the Americas will be able to have a chance to qualify for the championship. Once all of the qualifying events are over, the teams with the most points will move on to the PGC 2021 in November to determine who the best team in the world at PUBG battle royale is. 

Pick ‘Em Challenge Will Return This Year

With the PUBG Esports 2021 roadmap’s announcement, it was also revealed that the Pick’ Em Challenge will be returning this year yet again. This challenge is a popular one in the community for allowing fans to predict and guess what will happen in the various events. 

It was not revealed what events would use the challenge this year, but you are all but guaranteed that the Global Championship will be one of the main ones to predict the winners of the various matches. However, we do hope that there is more to it than just that. 

It would be nice to see the Pick’ Em Challenge available for the three other main global events this year, like the Invitational and the two Continental Series tournaments. That would ensure that fans have several chances to guess who will win and earn some prizes in the process. 

With the Pick’ Em Challenge, players will be able to push their favorite teams’ support. Those teams will benefit from it as a portion of the proceeds from the challenge will go towards actual revenue for the teams themselves, in addition to the prize money they can earn through the events. 

Beyond that, PUBG Esports is looking into more ways to improve the profit-sharing system with the pro teams and give the teams more opportunities to earn money for doing what they love and are good at. 

PUBG Esports 2021 Roadmap Seems Light But That Might Not Be Bad

In conclusion, I would say that, in my opinion, the roadmap for the 2021 season does seem a bit light, to be honest. Having four main global events isn’t a lot, especially since the Invitational is far removed from the other three main events that are more tied to one another. 

However, this doesn’t mean that the year will be bad. If anything, it will just be very similar to how things were last year, and that wasn’t the worst after all. I would argue that PUBG is doing a much better job at esports for its game than the others in its genre.

Except maybe Apex Legends, PUBG is doing the most to ensure a global competition worth watching. Meanwhile, Call of Duty Warzone and Fortnite are sticking to smaller events that aren’t as impactful or exciting in the grand scheme of things. 

So, while the schedule does seem light at this time, I hope that PUBG Esports will add some excellent qualifying tournaments and third-party events that will flesh out the overall 2021 season to ensure that we have a lot to look forward to this year. 


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