PUBG Devs May Sue Chinese Movie for Ripping Off Game

by in PUBG | Aug, 19th 2021

Biubiubiu is a Chinese movie about battle royale esports, and it’s so similar to PUBG that the devs may sue. It’s been made clear that the movie isn’t a “PUBG movie,” despite the many allusions and comparisons to the battle royale gaming franchise. While it’s certainly not a PUBG movie, it sounds like the devs may sue over it anyway, but nothing is certain. It’s also not the battle royale movie some of us grew up on. This drama came to light courtesy of insider Daniel Ahmad on Twitter. While it’s not a PUBG movie, it’s most certainly still a “PUBG movie,” and there’s a real good chance the devs could sue over it. They may have a solid case to boot.

What’s the Drama?

The movie Biubiubiu is still being touted as the first battle royale esports film. There have been battle royale-style films before, but nothing quite like this. The film is about a “down and out streamer that forms ane sports team with old friends with some custody battle drama thrown in for some reason,” according to Ahmad. After looking at the movie poster, it’s not hard to see where Krafton (developers of PUBG) see similarities. The main character, floating down on a parachute, wielding various weapons, has a similar helmet to the classic PUBG helmet.

As far as the name, it sounds like it’s an onomatopoeia of the sound of someone making shooting sounds (Pew pew pew). It doesn’t help that PUBG is the most popular battle royale in Asia. Ahmad broke down the drama in a very simple tweet. The directors of the film claim it’s not a PUBG movie, but watching the trailer (and some of the movie) has a PUBG feel. Krafton is considering suing, with the similarities between the film and their game. He also provided a link to the movie with English subtitles on YouTube. 

The film has people playing a mobile FPS battle royale and has live-action and CGI scenes, and it’s very clear that it’s similar to PUBG. This writer is still in the process of watching the movie, and it’s pretty painfully clear. Krafton has yet to make a public declaration about the film, but we’ll keep you up to date on the situation as it develops. 


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