PUBG Crazy Night Survivor Pass: Casual Mode, Porter Vehicle, More

by in PUBG | Sep, 16th 2021

PUBG update 13.2 is here for all available platforms. It includes releasing a new survivor pass for players to check out, alongside a ton of new content additions. For the most part, the changes are for the PUBG Crazy Night survivor pass and the Taego map.

However, some other changes have arrived in this update that balances the game and affects everyone, including releasing a brand new game mode in Casual Mode. Plus, a new SMG weapon and a new vehicle help to flesh out this 13.2 with loads of goodies. 

When writing this, the 13.2 patch is already available today, September 16, for all console and PC platforms. By the time that you are reading this, these additions have already been introduced into the game. Here is everything you need to know about this PUBG Crazy Night update and more. 

PUBG Crazy Night Survivor Pass Is Here in Update 13.2

There is the PUBG Crazy Night survivor pass that is now in the battle royale game, for starters. Following up on the formula earlier this summer, Krafton is making sure to offer more and more passes for players to check out that are not tied into the actual seasons themselves. 

Instead, some passes will periodically release, like the new PUBG Crazy Night pass, and will be available for a set time after its launch. These are not necessarily timed simultaneously as normal seasons. Players can look forward to a nice drop of constant new content every once in a while. 

In the case of the PUBG Crazy Night survivor pass that is out now, some service changes have arrived with it. As this new system expands and evolves, changes are inevitable. The first is making battle passes now last for eight weeks, rather than six weeks like before. 

However, this is coming along with some other adjustments to the survivor passes, like experience rebalancing to match the extended time they are now available and changes to the UI. Some new pass rewards, too, like contraband coupons, nameplates, and even sprays. 

Like with other survivor passes, players have two options for purchasing the new PUBG Crazy Night pass. You can choose to get the base version for 990 G-Coins and get the pass plus the SKS new Crazy Night skin version of it, or you can opt for the more expensive one. 

The more expensive version costs 3,270 G-Coin and comes with the pass, the SKS weapon pack, and 30 levels of the new survivor pass already unlocked, so you will instantly receive those rewards. This new pass will be available until November 11, 2021, at around 1 am PT. 

There is no grace period for this survivor pass this time around, meaning that you need to claim all rewards that you want before that above date and time, or else you will not be able to get them. The PUBG Crazy Night is out right now, and that is just the first part of this welcome new update. 

New P90 SMG

We do not get new weapons in PUBG that often, so the release of one is pretty special, and that is just the case with the new weapon available in the PUBG Crazy Night: the P90 SMG. The P90 is a classic SMG weapon that will be a brilliant companion for many players moving forward. 

Not only is it a true fan favorite instantly for all types of players, but it is going to be a care package-exclusive weapon. Given how powerful this weapon is, as you will see in a moment, there is no doubt that it has to be put in the care package to keep it as limited as possible. 

What is interesting about making the new P90 SMG a care package exclusive is that it is only the second SMG ever to be put there after the original Tommy Gun. That makes this a pretty momentous occasion, so Krafton has made sure to make the inclusion worth it. 

What makes the P90 unique is the initial fact that it comes with some special ammo, unlike other SMG weapons out there and even its fellow care package exclusives. It has the special 5.7mm High Powered ammo that will tear through enemies and allow for some versatile gameplay.

This new ammo type will set the P90 apart from other SMGs in its category by allowing it to have long-range combat capabilities, something that none of the other SMGs in PUBG are capable of on this level. You will not just be able to destroy enemies in closer range, like most SMGs, but also on a longer range as well, making it quite the flexible and powerful gun. 

To help with this, it will come with some attachments that are already attached to it when you find it in a care package. Keep in mind that these attachments cannot be removed from the gun since it is a care package SMG, but they will be useful, so that should not be a problem. 

The P90 will come with a cheek pad, handguard, laser, and a silencer already attached to it, making it a powerful, decently accurate, and also silent weapon to add to your arsenal. It also has a unique setup of having two optic scopes that are attached to it for use. 

The dual optics include the holographic sight that is great for taking on enemies close to you. At the same time, the second one is the flip sight magnification optic that will give you a nicer look at enemies farther away from you so that you can easily switch between the two playstyles.

The P90 SMG is kept in check because it only has so much ammo available for it before it runs out. Once that ammo is done, the gun is useless unless you find another one in a care package. It will come with 250 rounds of the new 5.7mm ammo in the care package you find it in. 

Every magazine of the P90 SMG can only hold up to 50 rounds, so you are looking at five full mags that you can use this weapon for. The magazine has a unique translucent design, making it so that enemy players can know when you are close to running out. 

It has a damage of 35 and a maximum effective range of up to 300 meters, with an impressive rate of fire at 1,000 RPM. The P90 SMG will now spawn on all of the PUBG battle royale maps, so you can start finding it immediately in care packages at your favorite locations. 

Porter Debuts on Taego With Trunk System

Moving into more of the exclusive additions in this PUBG Crazy Night update, we have some new content for the Taego map, specifically. There is a new vehicle that has dropped onto the map. It is the new Porter truck that is a brand new pickup exclusive to this location. 

Not shying away from its collaboration, the Porter is the commercial truck that Hyundai introduced (and sports the car brand’s name on the actual in-game truck itself) in 1977, making it a good fit for the time that the Taego map is set in. 

This new Porter truck can carry around up to four players at the same time and a hefty workload to boot. It has an all-wheel-drive system that can drive across any terrain, making it a great choice for your permanent vehicle in every match that you do. 

It will replace the UAZ on Taego, but this addition of the Porter is most notable for the new trunk system that is currently exclusive to this vehicle. The new trunk system is a way to find loot and then store it on the truck itself, turning it into your mobile base of sorts. 

You can use the storage compartment on the truck to store items that you cannot or don’t want to carry around right now, allowing you to save them for use later. However, players need to keep in mind that the storage space is limited, with each item having different weights that contribute to it. 

Furthermore, if the truck blows up at any point, all of the currently stored items will be destroyed in the process, so players have to be careful in that regard. Any item that you can have in your inventory can be stored in the truck, including weapons, helmets, vests, backpacks, and so on. 

The compartment is not available to just one person, either, so you could theoretically share it with your teammates or even take out an enemy squad and claim their Porter and its contents for your team. 

Blue Zone Grenade and Other Changes

Another new addition on the Taego map is the blue zone grenade. This new explosive weapon is a wild one, creating a mini-blue zone that will damage enemy players for a time if they are caught within its radius. It will affect a decently sized area for around five seconds. 

It will keep the full size for five seconds, and then after that time is up, it will start to decrease in size over the next five seconds until it disappears. While this is a short time, the damage is 10 per second, making it possible to take someone out completely if they are caught within it the whole time. 

What players need to keep in mind, though, is that the blue zone grenade will not explode underwater but can be launched onto the land near water to damage players who are currently swimming. Also, it is possible to have two blue zone grenades go off in the same area simultaneously. 

This would then apply double the damage to any players caught within the boundaries of both blue zones. Overall, the blue zone grenade is not hard to avoid outside, which is why it is a great asset for taking out teams camping inside a building or luring them out to finish them off. 

Also on Taego are new weather options, like the sunset and overcast versions that randomly appear at times. According to some players, one major change that has happened on Taego is balancing the blue zone, specifically for the first phase that was too long. It is now shorter.

PUBG Casual Mode Is Here

One of the most significant additions in this PUBG Crazy Night 13.2 update is a brand new game mode. Known as Casual Mode, this mode allows players to have a more relaxed and chill experience compared to the chaos of the other modes in PUBG. 

It is still a standard battle royale match, but the difference this time around is that you are guaranteed to be mostly matched up with bots that will make the combat and difficulty a bit easier. This is a great place to warm up for the day or get better at the game in preparation for the real deal. 

Players can only play up to three squads third-person matches of Casual Mode in a single day, where they will be queued up with up to 11 other real players in the match (so about three real player squads in total), with the rest of the lobby being bots. 

In the Casual Mode, various aspects of the game will be available there, like career stats for matches, pass missions, event missions, battle stats, BP rewards, experience rewards, and even spectating. If you want to go off in the new Casual Mode, get 50 kills in a mostly bot match, and show off a clip online to impress everyone, we won’t tell anyone. 


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