PUBG Corp. Is Opening Office in India, Teasing PUBG Mobile’s Return

by in PUBG | Oct, 22nd 2020

It looks like the PUBG Corp., developers behind, well, PUBG, is looking to expand its operations soon. The battle royale game’s developer is looking to create a PUBG India office that will add to the already growing development studio behind one of the biggest battle royale games around.

PUBG India Office Looks to Be in the Works

The PUBG India office is going to be based in Delhi, India, according to the LinkedIn job listing for a corporate development division manager in the country. Because of the nature of this position that PUBG Corp. is hiring for, it looks like the office is still in the process of starting.

It was only posted two days ago at the time of writing this, so the situation seems to be a work-in-progress. The development manager’s role is to jointly develop the overall strategy for the India market in a nutshell, which includes a ton of activities and responsibilities.

The person will need to help develop the market for, presumably, PUBG itself and make strategic partnerships in the gaming and other related sectors in the area. They will also need to evaluate and execute research, analysis, financial models, and more.

They will need to participate in key corporate planning processes actively, manage different company functions, and drive alignment on key initiatives. But the most important aspect, at least for this post, in particular, comes at the end.

What the Job Position Entails

The person who gets this job with the PUBG India office will need to help support the office setup process with guidance from the headquarters, which happens to be the company Krafton in this particular case. Even more telling than that is where the person will work.

Whoever is hired for this new PUBG India position will work from home in India or the city where this branch of PUBG Corp. is set up. The working location is still up in the air and will be determined later, depending on the specific person hired.

From all of this wrapped up, it is clear that there will now be a PUBG India office and branch of the company. That alone is news since it means that the developer is expanding even more and will now have another office location to add to its growing repertoire.

But the story doesn’t end there as the strategic choice to set up a PUBG India office is a fascinating one because of the history that the battle royale game has had recently with the country. This certainly gives a whole new perspective on why this decision might have been made.

This Could Be in Response to the PUBG Mobile Ban

As you likely already know, the very popular mobile game PUBG Mobile was banned in India earlier this year. This shut down a large market that was probably rather profitable for PUBG Corp., Krafton, and Tencent, the latter of which developed that version of the game.

The decision was reportedly made directly because of Tencent. This Chinese-based company has quickly shot through the ranks in the video game industry to have a hand in many major games out there like Fortnite, League of Legends, of course, PUBG Mobile.

The government officially stated that the reason behind the banning of PUBG Mobile was the threats that the app could pose to national security in the way it collects user data. Again, this is likely to do with Tencent, specifically, rather than PUBG Corp. as a whole.

One way to get around this is to have no longer Tencent directly involved in the mobile version of the game, at least when it comes to the Indian version. This new India office likely is one of the major attempts to make that happen so that the game could one day return to the country legally.

This Move Might Not Unban PUBG Mobile

It is an alternative to never having PUBG Mobile officially in the market ever again and one way to potentially get around the issues that the Indian government has with the app. We most recently saw this in the U.S. with TikTok, another app that has been banned in India for likely similar reasons to PUBG Mobile.

In the U.S., TikTok is now under fire for the potential security risks that it brings as a Chinese-based app. Some have presented to that problem to have an American company take over the app here in the U.S. and, hopefully, relieve any worry about that.

While it hasn’t been fruitful thus far, this approach could work for PUBG Mobile by making an Indian office that directly oversees that version of the mobile game. Unfortunately, this might not result in PUBG Mobile being unbanned in India.

According to, a government official speaking anonymously stated that this might not change the situation. Regardless of who is publishing and making the game, it doesn’t change that it is violent and there have been many complaints.

Even with an ownership change and the potential fix for any security risks that the game could have had, the fact remains that it is still violent. This could be an issue for the company, even if an office is set up in India, and would be something that PUBG Corp. would have to figure out.


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