PUBG Corp Now Has PUBG Mobile Publishing Rights in India – Could It Get Unbanned?

by in PUBG Mobile | Sep, 8th 2020

Thought we were done with the PUBG Mobile in India saga when it was banned? Not so fast, my friends. PUBG Corp has made a move that might go a way in freeing PUBG Mobile from it’s banned shackles. The issue with the game isn’t that it’s addictive, or that their youth have done awful, dangerous things to keep playing it. The problem is that the game is published out of China. With the dangerous situation between the China/India border, PUBG Mobile took a hit. But now, PUBG Corp has publishing rights in India!

What does this mean for the game in India though?

Maybe Something Good, Maybe Something Bad!

Now, this might do nothing to help PUBG Mobile’s cause, don’t get us wrong. India’s reasons for banning the game was a concern with data privacy and misuse of user data by the app. Despite Tencent saying they were doing everything they could to make sure data wasn’t being transmitted to China, that didn’t allay India’s fears.

PUBG Corporation, however, is a South Korean company, under Krafton, Inc. PUBG Corp made a statement today, announcing that they are taking over publishing in India. PUBG Corp said the following in a statement:

“In light of recent developments, PUBG Corporation has made the decision to no longer authorize the PUBG MOBILE franchise to Tencent Games in India. Moving forward, PUBG Corporation will take on all publishing responsibilities within the country.”

India’s esports scene is held up almost entirely by PUBG Corp. So PUBG Corp taking hold of the publishing rights of PUBG Mobile could be what is needed to make a deal with the Indian government. PUBG Corp has also said they want to find a solution that allows players to enjoy the game, while also being compliant with all regulations in India.

It really feels like this whole thing is just a political move and nothing more. But India is going to lose out on a lot of money if PUBG Mobile is just never allowed in the country again. Fnatic, Team Solomid, Nova Esports, and more operate in India, thanks to the popularity of PUBG Mobile there. Plenty of esports organizations have invested in India because of PUBG Mobile, primarily. Now that the game is banned, teams are being disbanded, and there is discord abound. 

PUBG Corp has to work fast though. They need to hope India and the South Korean publishers can come to some kind of agreement. Otherwise, esports orgs are likely going to pull out of the country, and all of those millions of fans will move on to something else. That’s going to surely put a dent in PUBG Corp’s earnings. All of those investors and stakeholders will have to make other moves if an agreement can’t be made. This isn’t just a few thousand dollars being lost out on. We’re talking millions upon millions, considering how much pull PUBG Mobile has in India. 

The ball seems to be in India’s court though. PUBG Corp has definitely made a smart move to try and keep their mobile game alive in such a huge market, by taking control of the publishing rights. There’s always the chance that India sees this as a ploy and doesn’t take the bait. We’ll keep our eyes on this situation as it develops though.

Where do you stand though? Do you hope India can get back into PUBG, or is it not a big deal to you? We’d love to know where you stand!


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