PUBG Continental Series 5 Announced

by in PUBG | Aug, 11th 2021

Krafton is not quite done announcing new esports events for the PUBG franchise, even though we just learned about what’s happening for PUBG Mobile this year, as the PUBG Continental Series 5 has been announced. This is the fifth and latest Continental Series, and it is happening very soon. 

PUBG Continental Series 5 Revealed

The PUBG Continental Series 5 will begin later this month and offer tons of exciting new competitions and matches across the next two months or so. Throughout this latest series, players and pro squads will have the chance to earn a share of the massive prize pool offered. 

Krafton is ramping up the fifth Continental Series this year with a prize pool of more than $1 million across all regions in the event. With four regions, this means that each area will have the chance to earn a share of the more than $250,000 offered in the event. 

The four regions will be the same as the previous Continental Series that we have had for the battle royale game, including the expected areas of the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Asia-Pacific. For the upcoming PUBG Continental Series 5, each region will have its separate event.

Those regions will have their competitions, qualifiers, and more that they will compete across for the next couple of months. Much of what we know from the information that Krafton has sent us is relative to the Americas region and how the PUBG Continental Series 5 will work there.

Series Begins With the Regional Qualifiers

But it is presumed that all four regions will have a similar schedule and makeup around the same general time frame. The PUBG Continental Series 5 will begin in the Americas with the first event of several. That is the regional qualifier that will kick off the series. 

The regional qualifier events are there to determine which teams will be invited into the actual PUBG Continental Series 5 competition. Each region will have its own set of events for qualifying for the series. We know that there will be open qualifiers for the Americas this month. 

The Americas region is breaking up the qualifiers into North America and Latin America events. They will run from Aug. 11-18, so for about a week. The open qualifiers are essentially open to everyone willing and able to qualify for the tournament. 

It will be composed of three to four rounds, depending on the tournament and how many teams have registered. The teams will go through these rounds. That will determine the placement of them for the event. 

Group Stage Details

Only the top eight teams from the open qualifiers in North America and Latin America (so 16 in total) will be allowed to move onto the next portion of the PUBG Continental Series 5. We come to the next stage, which happens to be the exciting group stage event. 

The group stage is again divided between the North America and Latin America regions, with only eight teams competing in both. These separate group stages will see the eight teams in each sub-region join the top 16 teams from that area’s PUBG Masters Phase 2 Group Stage. 

In total, this means that there will be 24 teams competing in North America and another 24 in the Latin America Group Stage. These 48 teams will compete for another week or so from Aug. 20-26, where they will be able to earn a share of the $25,000 prize pool. 

The PUBG Continental Series 5 group stage goal is to dwindle the teams to the top six from each of the two sub-regions, for 12 in total. Those 12 teams will automatically qualify for the grand finals of the Americas’ Continental Series 5. 

Last Chance Qualifiers and Grand Finals Details

However, that still leaves room for four more teams to enter the event possibly. The final event will determine this before the Grand Finals, known as the last chance qualifiers. In this tournament, the teams that place seventh through 14th in each sub-region will have the chance to fight it out for one of the last spots in the finals. 

This last chance qualifier event will occur immediately after the group stage on Aug. 28 and Aug. 29. These 16 teams in total will compete for a share of $20,000 and the chance to be in the grand finals. Only the top four teams in total will be invited to the finals event from these qualifiers. 

Then we come to the PUBG Continental Series 5, which is the big one: the grand finals. The grand finals will have different dates depending on the region, but they will take place on three different September and October weekends. 

For the Americas, the first weekend will be Sept. 16-17, followed by the second part Sept. 23-24, and the series Sept. 30-Oct. 1. Most of the other regions have the same general schedule with only slight changes to the days because of the time zones and the like. 

Fans can look forward to the Pick ‘Em Challenge coming back for the Continental Series 5, where you will be able to select the outcomes of the regional tournaments and possibly earn some in-game rewards in PUBG through this. 30% of the revenue generated from items sold in the challenge will go towards the overall prize pool of the event. 

Fans will also be able to watch all of the events in the PUBG Continental Series 5 across all of the regions live as they happen over the next two months or so. You can check it out on the PUBG Twitch channel or over on the PUBG Esports YouTube channel


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