PUBG Cheater Vesprine Gets Banned By a Dev Live During Stream

by in PUBG | Nov, 23rd 2020

The name Vesprine may not sound familiar to you unless you’re active in the PUBG community. This Twitch account openly and boldly cheats in PUBG. When we heard a dev banned him live during a stream, it was the best news to start a week off with. Sadly, this player is still likely to keep creating accounts and cheating, but it’s a start. People like this deserve a hardware ban. So, what went down?

Open, Flagrant Cheating

The Twitch streamer Vesprine always creates new PUBG accounts to bombard lobbies with hacks and cheats. PUBG is no stranger to cheaters. It’s one of the biggest games for it for our money. No matter how many ban waves go out, players just come back and cheat some more. As long as they have the power to make a new account and go back to playing, banning for cheating doesn’t seem to matter much.

At least this time, with a dev banning a PUBG cheater live in real-time, it perhaps shows that the devs are watching social media. A Redditor named 701Dirty pointed out the following: “So started watching this guy with 3 viewers after my buddy sent me his stream, my buddy tweeted it out, and a few hours later over 100 people clipping and reporting they got one of his accounts…. I saw him have two accounts banned after matches and he tried logging into several already banned accounts….crazy.”

Vesprine went online and showed off their skill via in-game hacks during a PUBG stream, with over 100 people screen grabbing it and pointing it out. What happened as a result? One of the PUBG devs, PUBG_Hawkinz says “peace loser” in the streamer’s chat, as the fateful notification comes up: “Restricted Account – Your session will be terminated due to the use of hacks.”

You can see a screengrab on Reddit. In addition to the in-game ban, his Twitch channel also appears to be gone. So, it’s a real double-whammy of punishment. The only sad thing is this guy cheats all the time and keeps getting banned. We hope that articles like this are a manner of a wake-up call. Players that continuously cheat need some IP/hardware ban to stop them from continually ruining PUBG by cheating and hacking. At least in this event, a PUBG cheater was openly banned by a live dev. There has to be a method of action that can be taken. We hope that the PUBG devs are looking into it.

We won’t hold our breath. In June, we discussed that more stringent PUBG anti-cheat measures were on the way, yet we still see wave after wave of cheaters in-game. Is there an answer to the problem? We’d love to hear about it on social media!


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