PSVR2 Spec rumors floating around, Sony to Focus on Hybrid Titles

by in General | Aug, 5th 2021

PlayStation is still one of the big console companies to jump on the Virtual Reality bandwagon, with Nintendo doing their Labo VR and nothing else for their console, and other companies like Xbox keeping their hands out of the Vr Market, PlayStation has free reign over console VR for the foreseeable future. With the Console VR Market all to themselves, PlayStation is working on a new version of their PSVR headset, something that has kept many PlayStation fans happy, as not only is the PSVR comfortable to use, and on par with headsets like the Oculus Quest, but also contains a solid lineup of titles, including exclusives like Iron Man, Astro Bot, and Dreams. Not much is known about the PSVR2, all that has been shown are the controllers supposedly bundled with the headset, these controllers being more in line with current day VR controllers, containing analog sticks and Adaptive triggers like the DualSense. However, information on the headset is limited, but one YouTube user claims that they know what the headset is going to contain. PSVR Without Parole is a PSVR centric YouTube channel, focusing on the PSVR, and in one of their new reports, the company has spoken in an investor’s meeting about the future of the platform, as well as the specs for the headset, which have been rumored for a while now. 

What Are The PSVR2 Spec Rumors?

The New PSVR is said to include 2,000 x 2,040 per eye resolution OLED displays inside the headset, which will beat out the Index if this claim is true. The headset is also going to include IPD adjustment, something that a lot of VR headsets are now incorporating, as not every consumer is going to have the same distance between their eyes. Something else that is claimed to be inside the New VR Device is eye tracking. Eye-tracking is going to be used specifically for foveated rendering. The concept of foveated rendering is something a lot of developers are considering in their titles, as rendering things within the direct vision of the player can take off the strain from the console or computer, letting the game run better, while still being able to look great while playing, seeing that everything in the peripheral vision of the player which is out of focus to them is going to be rendered at a lower quality. The new PSVR is going to be tethered to the PS5 via USB Type-C, as well as including Head-Mounted haptics, this seems like a large step for the VR space, as having haptics inside of the PSVR Headset, much like the controllers on the DualSense would make for a more immersive experience. However, it goes without saying that this may not be the case, as these are all claims. The PSVR is going to increase its FOV to 110, 20 degrees shy of the Index. The new headset is also going to use Inside-Out Tracking, something that the current Oculus headsets use, and will give PSVR player’s the full 6 degrees of freedom, instead of the single PS Camera that tracks the headset and Move Controllers. Lastly, according to the report, the new PSVR will be released in the Holiday of 2020. 

However, the company also mentions in the report from PSVR Without Parole that the controllers for the PSVR2, which have been revealed but haven’t been given a name yet, will contain touch-capacitive sensors, showing where the Middle Finger, Index Finger, and Thumb sit on the controller.

Also mentioned in the Report, Sony is aiming to move away from VR only Experiences, and aim towards making titles for the PS5 and PSVR2 as hybrid entries, citing games like Resident Evil 7, Dreams, and No Man’s Sky, with the ability to play in both flatscreen and PSVR. This could be a good thing for upcoming games on the system, as higher quality titles for the PSVR would be more feasible if they’re hybrid releases, Sony also allegedly mentioned that players would be able to download either version of the game, to save on storage space. Sony is also looking to previous PSVR game developers to “remaster” their PSVR games, so that they’re compatible with the new PSVR headset, although the mention of backward compatibility is something that wasn’t brought up. 

This brings in a whole new question about the fate of the original PSVR if the games that many players have in their libraries will fall to the wayside when encountered with the new PSVR2. The possibility of Sony giving the remasters to PS5 Owners who are looking into playing the game on their New headsets seems likely, as the upgraded versions of some of their titles were given to fans for free, save certain titles like Ghost of Tsushima

Regardless, with the firm confirmation that Sony isn’t releasing a new PSVR by the end of this year, the possibility of a PSVR2 coming in 2022 seems all the more likely, players will have to look forward to more information about the project in the coming months, as Sony will more than likely reveal their new hardware during the beginning of 2021, however, the claims made by the report should still be taken with a grain of salt, as most rumors and leaks should be. Regardless, it looks like this is going to be a good move forward for console VR, and with the solid lineup of VR titles on PSVR, it’s all the more impressive that Sony is doubling down on making a proper VR device without using tech from the generation prior, such as the PlayStation Move controllers. 


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