PSVR Passes Its 5 Year Anniversary, PlayStation Plans on Adding 3 PSVR titles to PS+

by in General | Oct, 14th 2021

The PlayStation VR is one of the biggest achievements for console titles. With Sony deciding to jump into the VR Market, players are able to find themselves immersed in some of the biggest PlayStation worlds and AAA titles through Sony’s efforts to enhance the VR experience for players without a PC. With 5 years under the PSVR’s belt, it’s incredible that the headset that’s way behind the current generation is still drawing in players to check out the amazing titles from the company. Sony has also focused on making first-party titles for the headset, providing killer apps for players who want to check out VR at an affordable price. The only stipulation for the PSVR is that players will need to own a PS4 or PS5 to check the games out, but with Ps4’s being so readily available, it’s one of the easier ways to get into the platform. With over 5 games under its belt, there’s no surprise that the PSVR has done well. Sony knows this, and they’ve started celebrating the 5 year PSVR anniversary of the console with a blog post talking about the peripheral’s success

The PSVR Celebration Blog Post

PlayStation mentions in the blog post about the impact of the PSVR on the console gaming sphere. While VR has been something that Pc Players have been able to do the PSVR was one of the first console games that players have been able to take part in, the PSVR also came at a really good time as well with the introduction of cross-play being a feature in some of the titles for the game. PSVR has also been able to push some exclusive VR versions of games that PC players haven’t been able to get their hands on. There’s also the fact that PlayStation started making their own controllers for the VR aside from reusing the PlayStation Move controllers, with their Aim Controller. This gun controller was used for games like Farpoint, and Firewall: Zero Hour. Special VR versions of Resident Evil 7 and Hitman 3 have been added to the PSVR catalog, but with the myriad of titles for the PSVR, there’s still a handful of titles for the PSVR that have stood the 5 Year test of time.

In the blog post, PlayStation shows the top 5 games that have been played on the PSVR Globally. Adding all of the playtime hours between October 13th, 2016, and August 31st, 2021, it’s been revealed that the top 5 games for the PSVR are as follows.

The social VR title Rec Room, which recently got its vehicle update. Beat Saber, which has been able to hold the top spot in downloads for the US and Europe for a whole year. PlayStation Vr Worlds, a small showcase piece that is perfect for showing other players who are skeptical about the PSVR. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR, a full port of Skyrim for VR Devices. As well as Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, whose VR Version is a PlayStation VR exclusive add-on for the game.

Other games that didn’t make the cut, but were in the top 5 for their respective regions are Job Simulator, and R6 Seige Styled FPS Firewall: Zero Hour for the US, and Grand Turismo Sport for Japan. 

PlayStation also announced that they’re going to give back to the PSVR community for their support for the past 5 Years by putting 3 games on the PS+ Collection for Free in November. They mentioned that this is the first part of the celebration for the peripheral, so there’s plenty of speculation about what games are going to make the cut. As of right now, Resident Evil 7 is already a part of the PS+ Collection, so this title isn’t going to be included. Under the assumption that there’s going to be 3 Free games for the console, A good choice is going to be Astro Bot Rescue Mission, seeing that the PS5 has been using Astro as a mascot of sorts for the console. Another option would be to include Blood and Truth, another PlayStation exclusive title for the console, something that players are going to want to check out. Moss could be another good guess for the console, seeing that the game is getting a sequel, which was announced at the PS5 showcase.

Possible Appearance From PSVR 2

However, there’s also a good chance that the PSVR 2 could be announced at the end of the celebration. With the PSVR being in production for 5 Years, and the console’s specs already being rumored, there’s no better time to announce the new Headset at the end of the celebration. The games coming to the PS+ aren’t going to be announced until a few weeks from now, so there’s a good chance that there’s more to the announcements from PlayStation. This would be a perfect time to announce the PSVR2 and its specs for the PS5. Since information about the controllers has already been shown to the public, they must be close to completing the new headset, as keeping players in the dark about the headset, and asking them to use the previous version would be a bad idea for the company.

Developers Reminisce on the PSVR 5 Years Later

Also included in the PSVR blog post are some quotes from developers about working on the headset, when asked about their first experience with the PSVR, Masachika Kawata of Capcom had this to say. “The first time I got to really experience PS VR was working on the prototype for KITCHEN, which was arguably the prologue setting things up for what later would become Resident Evil 7 biohazard. Initially, I had only seen the prototype through a regular monitor and could only imagine how things would be in a VR environment, but I was not anticipating just how much the scare factor ramped up seeing things from within the headset. It really was astounding to see how much more immersive of an experience VR could truly be.”

When asked about how VR Changes the face of gaming, Nicolas Doucet of Team Asobi had this to say. “PS VR really brought us an opportunity to simplify the experience to a very instinctive level. The best example I can think of is the entire removal of camera control. By becoming the camera, you no longer have to learn camera manipulation and can focus on the action. A simple glance left and right, leaning to see behind a wall, all these are every action we do without thinking but are actually quite hard to incorporate in traditional games. With PS VR, we got all of these virtually for free (pun intended) and that helped us make a more accessible game!”

With all this in mind, there’s no doubt about it that the PSVR is something that many developers have built their careers off of, and isn’t going to be just a fad for players to lose interest in.

However, it seems that only time will tell what’s going to come next for the PSVR, but for now, there’s going to be three PSVR games coming to players for no extra cost, as long as they have PS+.


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