PSA: CSGO Fans Beware, Unfixed Steam Invite Hack Could Take Over Your PC.

by | Apr, 14th 2021

While Bugs aren’t uncommon in games, it’s only every so often that bug is so detrimental to the platform that It might scare off users from the game. In this case, as the CSGO Steam invite hack could cause crippling issues for users globally, it’s no wonder that concerned eyebrows have been raised.

The Discovery

Valve’s Source Engine has been around for a long time, from Team Fortress 2 to Half Life 2, dozens of games under the Source Engine umbrella are played by gamers from around the world, and one researcher has discovered a exploit in the engine that could become detrimental to anyone who’s playing.

Found in 2019, Ruhr-Universität Bochum Infosec student Florian discovered the bug, and posted it onto HackerOne, the bug hunting website in which Valve will pay bounties for bugs caught by regular users.

After being verified by moderators, Florian heard little about the bug, and according to his Twitter thread about the issue, he didn’t receive his bounty until 6 months ago. He lamented that even though valve seemingly fixed the issue in their source titles, CSGO still remains the one game where this exploit is still achievable. “I think it’s reasonable to say that Valve had plenty of time to fix this issue.”

The Implications of the CSGO Steam Invite Hack


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