Pros Claim Astra is OP in Valorant (TenZ, EliGe, More)

by in Valorant | Apr, 28th 2021

Act 2, Episode 2 of Valorant revealed a new Agent, Astra – but is she OP? It sure seems like the pros are leaning that way. Astra is an Agent from Ghana and is a Controller type. She can bend the cosmos to her will and has the power to really shake the game up one way or another – victory or defeat. It sounds like she has a pretty high skill cap, but is still overwhelmingly powerful. What is it about Astra that makes her OP to the Valorant pros? A few of them spoke out on social media to talk about just this.

OP Astra Managed To Get Buffed In Valorant Patch 2.07:

Tyson “TenZ” Ngo is one of the biggest names to complain about Valorant’s Astra being OP. In particular, he spoke about her Gravity Well ability, calling it the “most annoying and OP ability in the game.” If he were the only person talking about it, perhaps it wouldn’t be that bad, but he’s not. James “hazed” Cobb, who plays for TSM thinks she’s bad for the game just in general. In a thread on Twitter, he points out the problems with her:

1) She’s too versatile. She has too many options with no counter play other than to bait it out. She can single handedly stall for 30+ seconds. 2) she takes away from the essence of an FPS. Half of Astra’s round in Astral Form playing a mini game.

Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski, a Team LIquid CSGO player called her the “Worst character ever that has 0 counterplay.” So, the consensus is that she’s absolutely busted OP in Valorant and that Astra has no real way to counter. If the only counter for a character is to “bait out” an ability, there’s definitely something wrong. 

The downside is that the pros don’t really seem to have a solution to the problem that is Astra being so OP in Valorant. TSM’s hazed suggests you could make her orbs permanent so that they can’t be recalled. You could also make them removable (RE: defusing a bomb), but it would be silent and quick. We’ve yet to hear from Riot on the nature of Astra though. More and more people are talking about what makes her hard to deal with, but there are no solutions as of yet.

Will Astra just get removed or reworked? Those are both pretty unlikely. We are curious to see what Riot has to say though, considering she even received a little buff to the controversial Gravity Well in April. Hopefully, the ability is simply nerfed, but not made useless. Then people would go from calling her OP to calling her bad, and that’s not what we’re after.


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