Propnight Announced as a Mix of Dead by Daylight and COD Prop Hunt

by in General | Oct, 15th 2021

Propnight is a brand new online multiplayer survival horror game that is coming soon to PC. This asymmetric title will be aiming to take a slice of the Dead by Daylight and Friday the 13th pie when the Propnight release date arrives in the, hopefully, near future. 

Propnight Release Date Announced

As mentioned in some of the previews for the game that recently came out, it is essentially at its core Dead by Daylight mixed with some of Call of Duty’s extremely popular Prop Hunt game mode. Or, Garry’s Mod, or whatever game you best know this prop-filled fan favorite game type from. Perhaps the most disappointing part of the Propnight release date announcement is the fact that the game is only coming to PC at this point in time. This is quite unfortunate since the direct inspiration behind this title is available on other platforms, including most consoles. 

That said, the Propnight release date is pretty close by and will be launching on November 30, 2021, according to its release date on the Steam page. The general gameplay for the title is that it is a four players against one killer, with the type of asymmetric gameplay that Dead by Daylight, Friday the 13th, Predator Hunting Grounds, and other similar titles are known for. In this type of gameplay for Propnight, there are four players who are playing as teenagers that are trying to survive in a small town where other teenagers are continuously disappearing. On the other side of the madness is the killer who is played by another player online.

Propnight Mixes Prop Hunt and Dead by Daylight Together

It is the job of the killer to take out all of these teenagers before they are able to escape, while the four players have to work together to escape from the map. How the escaping works is that you will need to repair five machines in the match before your escape route is available to you. If it is anything like Dead by Daylight, this will take some time and it can be both easier and worse if you work together. At the same time, the killer will have special abilities, depending on the character that they have chosen that they can use to find you and rip you to shreds. 

However, what sets Propnight apart from its Dead by Daylight predecessor is the fact that it is all about the prop side of gameplay, too. What these teenagers can also do is turn into props and that is their main mode of hiding from the killer, so that they are not found and eliminated. This really adds in an interesting element since the popular Prop Hunt game mode is similar in that there are hunters looking for the props to kill, but in this case, it is actually horror-themed. There are various objects that you will be able to turn into, ranging from a barrel to a toy bus and more. 

There Is a Free Open Beta on Steam

It will be a delicate balance of repairing the machines, but not being found, and then hiding as a prop, but not in plain sight, just long enough to be able to get back to repairing machines. It is also the case for the killer as they will not want to go around, wasting time destroying every prop in sight and checking every corner for them, but also balance watching the machines that need to be repaired, too. This extra layer is something that will definitely set Propnight apart from the clear inspirations that it has. In fact, it is quite surprising that it is even named this because it just literally takes parts of both Prop Hunt and Dead by Daylight together to make its title, not even shying away from its predecessors.

If you are interested in checking out this game, you will have a chance to do so before the Propnight release date. There is a free open beta that is available this weekend on Steam for users to jump in and check out, giving you a taste of the killers and gameplay that will be in the full release. This is a great way to see how the game shakes out and performs compared to Dead by Daylight, a game that I love but find to be seemingly held together by tape in terms of performance. At this time, Propnight graphically looks great and it seems to run pretty well, too, but we will have to wait and see in its actual execution. 

Content Seems Limited for Now

From what we have seen thus far, it also looks like Propnight will be a game that will be a counter to DBD, where in that title, the killer almost always reigns supreme. Unless you have a bad killer, it is quite difficult to finish a match with all four survivors still alive, let alone winning at all. On the other hand, the prop aspect of Propnight ensures that the power is more squarely in the hands of the teenage survivors, so long as they are able to make good use of their time to repair the machines and escape. For now, there is only one map that has been shown off and four killers. 

Each killer is different while the single map does contain a mix of some outdoor and indoor sections alike. Hopefully, the game will have a stronger set of content when the Propnight release date arrives, or if it is going to be in early access first, more content soon rather than later. Furthermore, here’s hoping that we see Propnight come to consoles soon as I, personally, am really interested in checking it out there and seeing if it will replace Dead by Daylight as my go-to multiplayer horror title. 


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