Project M Is the Valorant Mobile Clone We All Knew Was Coming

by in Valorant | Aug, 5th 2021

NetEase revealed a mobile FPS title recently named Project M, but it looks very much like a Valorant clone. There’s a lot of speculation on whether or not Project M looks like Valorant or if it’s a direct clone or copy. One of the things that make Valorant stand out is the art style and its animations. We watched the 30-second teaser that popped up on YouTube to announce the closed beta. The general consensus is that it looks like Valorant was given a new coat of paint and shipped to mobile phones by NetEase. 

Did NetEase Beat Riot Games to Their Own Title?

We’ve been hearing about Valorant Mobile from Riot Games for a while now, but it sounds like NetEase beat them to the punch. Project M is a free-to-play FPS mobile game and very much looks like a Valorant clone. NetEase is huge in China, standing up there with Tencent. NetEase is how some companies even get games into China at all. There have been a ton of blatant copies of existing IPs in China before. This is the first time this writer has seen a major name reveals something that looks like a shameless ripoff.

However, it’s not all completely similar. The maps are different, for example. The aesthetics of the maps feel similar, but the actual routes look different. The character designs also look different. The abilities also look pretty similar to their Valorant counterparts. In Project M, you’ll also see death and reload animations that look incredibly familiar – like in Valorant.

With Tencent owning Riot Games, there’s no telling how this is going to shake out. Perhaps there are enough differences for it to be considered its own game. It looks shady, though, with NetEase boldly ripping off the very successful Valorant. It’s interesting to note that China has what could be the highest copyright infringement of anywhere in the world. Their laws are changing as time goes on, but it’s not uncommon to see game ripoffs in China. We’ll have to see what Tencent thinks of Project M from NetEase.


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