Project Cowboy is Rumored To Be A Wild West PUBG Game

by in PUBG | May, 25th 2021

It sounds to us like Krafton’s working on another spinoff of PUBG, with the teased Project Cowboy. It’s been confirmed by Krafton themselves that this is on the way, which is very interesting. PUBG is already massively successful, and so is PUBG Mobile. We may never know if PUBG India’s ever really going to launch, and it continues to be mired in controversy and mystery. However, this upcoming open-world shooter is going to be based on PUBG in some manner. No awesome modern guns though; only stuff you’d see in the Wild West! It could require even more skill than PUBG does.

Requested By Battlegrounds Fans:

That’s the most interesting thing about this to me. Apparently, this Project Cowboy game is at the behest of the fans of PUBG. Though it’s going to be an “Open World Shooter”, and is based on the PUBG IP, we can only imagine it will also be a Battle Royale. This is to help expand the PUBG IP along with the also announced Battleground: New State, according to Bloter, who revealed the information. It was also confirmed by PlayerIGN, a leaker with a long history of accuracy.

Originally, this got its start as a custom game in PUBG. Set in Miramar, Project Cowboy was a game set on that map, only using the Wild West weapons. Pistols, bolt-action rifles, likely knives, bows, and arrows. In the PUBG version, players could only use pistols and Win94s guns. Perhaps the actual Project Cowboy game will have other weapons to utilize though.

It sounds like Krafton’s very serious. It’s not a joke or a limited-time mode, but its own game, with its own development team. It sounds like we can expect this to also be a Battle Royale title like PUBG, with similar core content to the actual PUBG title. It may have its own devs, but at the end of the day, it will be a new way to play PUBG, which is important. We don’t want a hit game to feel stale. It’s also confirmed that Project Cowboy will show up on PC and console at a later date. We’ll have to keep our eye on this as it develops because it could certainly shake up Battle Royale titles.


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