Problem X Stages Incredible Comeback to Win Red Bull Kumite Las Vegas

by in Fighting Game News | Nov, 16th 2021

Red Bull Kumite crowned a new Street Fighter V champion in Las Vegas last weekend as Benjamin “Problem X” Simon placed 1st at the prestigious event. The UK’s most renowned player took home his second major trophy in Sin City after winning EVO in 2018. It was Problem X’s first offline tournament victory since Sonic Boom 2019 over two years ago. He is also the second straight European player to win Red Bull Kumite after France’s Nathan “Mister Crimson” Massol won the London event last May. 

A Run for the Ages

Problem X entered the tournament as an established veteran with one of the best resumes in the Top 16. Still, he was being largely overlooked as a favorite to win the event. Many were looking at America’s top two players, Victor “Punk” Woodley and Derek “iDom” Ruffen, as most likely to win. Not only were they on home soil, but iDom is the reigning Capcom Cup champion and Punk has won more Street Fighter V tournaments than any other player in history. Problem X proved that he was up to task on proving the doubters wrong in the most convincing way possible.

MOUZ’s (formerly mousesports) lone fighting game player drew Pool C for the group stage of Red Bull Kumite Las Vegas. Using both M. Bison and Alex, he got off to a quick 2-0 start. Despite dropping his final round robin match to Goichi “GO1” Kishida, Problem X finished at the top of his pool with at 2-1 record. He advanced to the Top 8 elimination stage, but a lethal road to Grand Finals lies ahead.

In the quarter-finals, Problem X found himself on the same side of the bracket as American titans Punk and iDom. What’s more is his first opponent in Top 8 was none other than Punk, Street Fighter V’s most successful player. Many expected a back-and-forth set, but Problem X knew he couldn’t give Punk even an inch to spare. Playing M. Bison in a favorable matchup against Punk’s Karin, Problem swept his American adversary 3-0 and advance to the semi-finals. Even in defeat, Punk showed great sportsmanship and gave an inspiring message to anyone thinking of joining the fighting game community (FGC).

The semi-finals would pit Problem X against another of America’s top gladiators, iDom. Fresh off the ink drying on his sponsorship deal with XSET, iDom was eager to win for his new team. He also finished 2nd at Red Bull Kumite London, making him especially hungry to lift the trophy. In a battle between main characters M. Bison and Laura, the two traded games and were tied 2-2 early. Problem X the made the necessary adjustments to stifle Laura’s rushdown tools. With a slow and patient playstyle, Problem X took the next two games off iDom to win the set 4-2. With the whole EU on his back, Problem X punched his ticket into Grand Finals.

The Comeback

You can check out the full results of Street Fighter V at Red Bull Kumite Las Vegas below.

Group Stage Results

LCQ Qualifiers

Winner – ChrisCCH

Runner-up – JB

Pool A Battle Log

Uzura (Ryu) defeated NL (Cammy) 2-0

Yossan (Juri) defeated RonaldinhoBR (Nash) 2-0

Yossan (Juri) defeated Uzura (Ryu) 2-0

NL (Cammy) defeated Ronaldinho (Nash) 2-0

RonaldinhoBR (Nash) defeated Uzura (Ryu) 2-0

NL (Cammy) defeated Yossan (Juri) 2-0

Pool B Battle Log

MenaRD (Sakura) defeated JB (Rashid) 2-0

Big Bird (Ken) defeated iDom (Laura, Poison) 2-1

MenaRD (Sakura, Birdie) defeated Big Bird (Ken) 2-1

iDom (Laura) defeated JB (Rashid) 2-0

iDom (Laura) defeated MenaRD (Birdie) 2-0

JB (Rashid) defeated Big Bird (Ken) 2-0

Pool C Battle Log

Brian_F (Balrog) defeated GO1 (Menat) 2-0

Problem X (M. Bison) defeated Mono (F.A.N.G.) 2-0

Problem X (Alex) defeated Brian_F (Balrog) 2-0

Mono (F.A.N.G.) defeated GO1 (Menat) 2-0

Brian_F (Balrog) defeated Mono (F.A.N.G.) 2-1

GO1 (Menat) defeated Problem X (M. Bison) 2-1

Pool D Battle Log

ChrisCCH (Sakura) defeated Oil King (Rashid) 2-0

Punk (Karin) defeated AngryBird (Zeku) 2-0

Punk (Karin) defeated Oil King (Rashid) 2-1

AngryBird (Zeku) defeated ChrisCCH (Seth) 2-1

Oil King (Seth) defeated AngryBird (Zeku) 2-1

ChrisCCH (Sakura) defeated Punk (Kolin) 2-0

Group Stage Standings

Pool A

[UYU] NL (2-1)

Yossan (2-1)

Uzura (1-2)

RonaldinhoBR (1-2)

Pool B

[XSET] iDom (2-1)

[Bandits] MenaRD (2-1)

[NASR] Big Bird (1-2)

JB (1-2)

Pool C

[MOUZ] Problem X (2-1)

[EQNX] Brian_F (2-1)

[RR] Mono (1-2)

[CAG] GO1 (1-2)

Pool D

[UYU] ChrisCCH (2-1)

[Panda] Punk (2-1)

[NASR] AngryBird (1-2)

[UYU] Oil King (1-2)

Top 8 Elimination Stage Results


NL (Cammy) defeated MenaRD (Birdie) 3-1

ChrisCCH (Sakura) defeated Biran_F (Balrog) 3-2

iDom (Laura) defeated Yossan (Juri) 3-0

Problem X (M. Bison) defeated Punk (Karin) 3-0


NL (Cammy) defeated ChrisCCH (Sakura) 4-1

Problem X (M. Bison) defeated iDom (Laura) 4-2

Grand Finals

Problem X (Alex, M. Bison) defeated NL (Cammy) 5-3


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