Prestinni Traded to Chicago Huntsmen From Florida Mutineers

by in Call of Duty | May, 18th 2020

The Florida Mutineers have made the crazy decision to trade one of its players over to the Chicago Huntsmen. The impressive, former world champion himself Prestinni is now moving over to one of the top Call of Duty League teams: the Chicago Huntsmen.

Prestinni Moves Over to the Chicago Huntsmen

While this is officially a trade, there are no details at this time about the actual details of the trade. As far as we know, Chicago Huntsmen didn’t at least give any of its players in return for Florida Mutineers’ Prestinni. As such, it is an interesting deal to say the least.

What is more interesting, though, is that the world champion is now reunited with his twin brother Arcitys, who is one of the starting players on the Chicago Huntsmen team. With this trade now officially completed, the twin brothers are now able to team back up together.

The Chicago Huntsmen officially welcomed Prestinni to the team in a tweet on its official Twitter account earlier today. The 21-year old pro player will be joining his twin brother Arcitys and the rest of the starting lineup of one of the best teams in the entire Call of Duty League.

Perhaps this massive change for the team will be the push to propel the Huntsmen back to the first-place position at the top of the league. So far, the Chicago Huntsmen has seemed to be in a strange place lately as it is still unequivocally one of the best, but it has faltered a bit in recent events.

Chicago Huntsmen Might Need This Change

Once one of two teams that were undefeated in the league, the Chicago Huntsmen have now suffered four-match losses in total. That is far more than the first-place team in the league currently Atlanta FaZe who only has two losses across five events in total, plus the launch weekend.

However, that is in comparison to the second-place team, Dallas Empire, who has more points overall than Chicago Huntsmen but has six match losses. The very first devastating loss to the Chicago Huntsmen that sent it down this path was by, ironically enough, the Florida Mutineers.

One of the top five teams in the league, the Mutineers were able to defeat the Huntsmen at the Atlanta Home Series Weekend tournament where the twin brothers of Arcitys and Prestinni faced off. However, it wasn’t long after that before the latter was benched from the starting lineup.

This change seemed to be fruitful for the Florida Mutineers at first, but recently, the team hasn’t been doing the best that it could. It was destroyed at the most recent event for the Call of Duty League, which happened to be its own Home Series Weekend.

How Will Prestinni Be Used on Chicago Huntsmen?

The team was unable to get a single win out of the home event, losing to a couple of teams including Minnesota Rokkr and the New York Subliners. This was a surprising event where the metagame changed forever. Florida Mutineers could need a change soon.

That said, moving Prestinni over to the Chicago Huntsmen is an odd move that doesn’t help the Florida team at this time. After all, the pro player was on the bench and not able to contribute anything to the team for a while now.

With this trade, though, we could see Chicago Huntsmen reclaim its glory as the twin brothers will now play together. This could bring the necessary synergy that could propel the Huntsmen back to the top spot in the league. But, unfortunately, the team’s plans are currently unknown.

It remains to be seen how Chicago Huntsmen will use Prestinni. Presumably, he will join the starting lineup, but the question remains who will he replace on the starting roster? The most likely scenario, though, is that he will replace General, which would be unfortunate for him in this case.

Next Chicago Huntsmen Match Will Be This Weekend

After all, General just recently replaced Gunless on the starting lineup himself and hasn’t had a chance to play with the team. Of course, General could stay and Prestinni could replace one of the other three starting players besides his brother.

For now, we will have to wait and see what Chicago Huntsmen with its newly acquired pro player. Fortunately, we won’t have to wait too long to find out as the next Call of Duty League tournament will feature the Huntsmen. That event is happening this weekend and will kick off this Friday, May 22.

The event will be the sixth one in the Call of Duty League season one main tournament path and will be hosted by the Seattle Surge. This will be the first event to be hosted by a team that isn’t one of the best in the league currently, besides the Los Angeles dual-hosted event.

The Seattle Home Series Weekend looks a lot like the event that happened last time, with only a couple of great teams and the rest mostly being the bottom to middle-tiered teams. That event turned out to be rather insane, so this one could follow a similar unpredictable route.

Time will tell if the changes that Chicago Huntsmen have made recently will be enough to secure another event victory this upcoming weekend. Their first match will be the first one of the event this weekend, facing off against Paris Legion at 1 p.m. PT this Friday, May 22.

Stay tuned for our full breakdown of the unpredictable event and what will happen there soon. We will also have our usual predictions for what we think will happen (even though it is almost futile at this point), so stay tuned for that as well before the event kicks off Friday.


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