Possible Glitch Turns Fortnite Players Into Shadow Henchmen

by in Fortnite | Sep, 8th 2020

Though Fortnite Season 2 is far behind us at this point in Season 4 of Chapter 2, it doesn’t mean that the fight between Ghost and Shadow is over; you can’t see it. But a newly discovered glitch has appeared, allowing players to join the fight as Fortnite Shadow Henchmen.

Fortnite Shadow Henchmen Glitch Discovered

This strange glitch of sorts was discovered by Reddit user TheDarkFabledSaber, which happens to be an awesome username, and posted on the battle royale sub-Reddit page. The user posted a video clip of their recent match online, where they encountered this possible glitch.

They posted the glitch with the caption stating that if you get to know Doctor Doom, you can find out that he isn’t too bad of a guy after all. However, the caption doesn’t even allude that they were using a glitch to get close to Doctor Doom.

You have to watch the clip to see that this is the case. In the video, they are hanging out at the new Season 4 named Doom’s Domain’s location, and the villainous Doctor Doom is right in front of them. But the catch is that he isn’t even attacking the player who is right there.

Instead, Doctor Doom can be seen doing what he does when random Fortnite players aren’t attacking him. He is doing some emotes, waving at nonexistent fans while under the spotlights in the middle of his castle and then clapping for apparently himself.

Shadow Henchmen Are Still in Fortnite

That is all that is seen in the video. On its own, nothing seems out of the ordinary except that the player is standing in front of Doctor Doom and isn’t doing anything. This might make you think that this was the glitch, but that isn’t the case.

It is actually because of the disguise that the video player is wearing that they can stand right in front of the supervillain and not be attacked. And it just so happens that the outfit that they are wearing is the Fortnite Shadow Henchmen outfit from Season 2.

The problem with this situation is that the Fortnite Shadow Henchmen isn’t available in the game normally in Season 4. Through a glitch, the user was able to don this outfit and roam around the map without fear of getting attacked by Doctor Doom and presumably other NPC enemies on the Season 4 island.

One particular Reddit user in the comments responded quickly, asking if the Fortnite Shadow Henchmen outfits are still in the game. They aren’t actually in the game usually, but another user noted that you can replicate them through a particular glitch.

How to Make the Glitch Work

The glitch has to do with entering a phone booth on the island with certain skins equipped on your character. If you do it with the right skins, you will walk away with the Fortnite Shadow Henchmen instead of other skins’ usual disguise.

All you need to do is head into any phone booth on the island while wearing a certain handful of battle royale skins, and you will be good to go. The original user who posted the video has experimented with this Fortnite Shadow Henchmen glitch and found about five skins that work with this glitch.

Those particular skins are the Peely, Agent Peely, Drift, Catalyst, and Hybrid skins. Other users chimed in the comments with their experiments and found that there are even more skins to allow the Shadow Henchmen glitch to happen.

The other skins include the official Batman skin, Enforcer, Captain America, Renegade Raider, Thor, She-Hulk, Groot, Chomp Sr., and Fennix. In total, that makes about 14 different skins that you can equip in the game to change into the Shadow Henchmen suit at will.

Of course, these responses are from random players who didn’t post a video clip of this glitch working on those skins. They could be wrong, but that isn’t likely to be the case. We wouldn’t be surprised if there are even more skins that have yet to be discovered that can do this.

There are so many skins in the battle royale game to this point where Epic Games could have a hard time keeping check of how all of them react to particular scenarios like entering a phone booth to get a disguise. At the same time, the randomness of this doesn’t make it seem intentional either.

You Can Also Do This With Mystique

So, there does remain a chance that Epic Games will discover this glitch and fix it. On the other hand, it doesn’t hurt the game from what we can tell or break anything, so why not keep it around for the time being? After all, the Shadow versus Ghost event was a fan favorite, and it is largely done at this point.

The only remaining part of the war between the two spy groups is the lovingly fan-named Harry the Henchman. This is the sole remaining Shadow Henchman that you can find on the battle royale map currently. He is all by himself and will, understandably, attack you upon sight.

But if you take him out while wearing the new Mystique skin, you can use her emote to turn into the Shadow Henchman that way. This is probably intended and will likely not be removed from the game in the foreseeable future.


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