Pokimane Explains Why She Doesn’t Support Twitch Gambling

by in General | Apr, 27th 2021

Pokimane will never be a part of gambling on Twitch, and recently, she discussed this in particular. Even if it means she misses out on sponsorships, money, or other things, she’s made it very clear she will pass on any form of Twitch gambling. This is pretty important, given her huge following. Gambling, when presented as an easy thing that anyone can get into, is incredibly dangerous. Gambling addiction is a serious problem, and to see something like that on Twitch can be incredibly controversial. 

It’s Not Wrong, But It’s Not for Her

We’ve seen poker tournaments and other similar gambling events on Twitch before over the years. That’s neither new nor interesting. There are categories for this on Twitch, so it’s not exactly hard to find. There has been a bigger focus on larger streamers on gambling on Twitch, leading to talk of a “gambling meta.” Is this better or worse than the “hot tub meta”? Well, that depends on where you stand morally. 

It’s something talked about quite a lot lately. Some streamers think gambling on Twitch is fine, and other people, like Pokimane, do not get involved with it. Then there are streamers like MoistCr1TiKaL who think it’s a very dangerous trend. These are people with significantly large nest eggs, plenty of money to spend on things like gambling. If fans of these streamers see gambling shown as easy and fun, it can lead to people getting wrapped up in it – especially people who can’t afford to do so.

It’s all about Pokimane’s principles on gambling, Twitch or otherwise. She doesn’t think it’s wrong, but it’s not for her. She does make her stance clear: “I have a really hard time telling people what to do, whether to gamble on stream to do this or that. I personally have always had such a guilty conscience; when I started streaming, I just crossed out the categories of gambling, of alcohol/drinking, drugs, obviously, anything of the sort. And to be honest, I’ve missed out on a lot of money and a lot of sponsorships. But I sleep easy at night that it’s not via my streams that anybody got into perhaps an unfortunate or s***y situation. That’s not to say that it’s not the fault or responsibility of any streamer. I think it’s really the kind of thing you need to decide for yourself.”

It’s pretty respectable to uphold your principles, even in the face of money. Is gambling wrong? Absolutely not. But offering up gambling to audiences with minors who may be taken in by how cool it can feel to win? That’s a terrible idea. There are lots of young, impressionable fans of these huge streamers. When you see someone you look up to get a huge payday when gambling, and you’re a young kid? Suddenly, gambling feels cool instead of something to do responsibly. You are more likely to lose your money than you are to hit a major jackpot. It’s up to each streamer how they broach this, but kudos to Pokimane for standing by her principles when it comes to Twitch gambling.


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