Pokemon Unite Releases Patch 1.2 With New Update and Battle Pass

by in General | Sep, 23rd 2021

Pokemon Unite’s release on mobile will be bringing a new population to the game that are eager to jump into battle with their favorite Pokemon. So far, Pokemon Unite’s release on Switch has seen its fair share of bugs. Some of the criticism around the game has been its poor user interface and menu design, which has thankfully been addressed in the new patch 1.2 of Pokemon Unite. The most significant changes coming in patch 1.2 of Pokemon Unite have to be balance changes, including crucial changes to how sleep works in Pokemon Unite along with some additional Lucario nerfs. However, we’ll be focusing on some new features and cosmetic changes that have come with the new Pokemon Unite update.

Pokemon Unite Patch 1.2 – General Updates & New Features

The new feature most users will probably be interested in is the new Season 2 Battle Pass, titled Galactic Ghost 094. Pokemon Unite Season 2’s battle pass has sci-fi/galactic theming throughout, giving you new, space-themed Holostyles for Lucario and Gengar, along with a nifty NASA-inspired spacesuit for your Pokemon trainer avatar.

New Holostyles are also available for Charizard, Venusaur, and Garchomp in the in-game cosmetic goods shop. The new Pokemon Unite update has released a bunch of new styles for your favorite Pokemon, including Pikachu. New events and challenges are also underway to give all players the opportunity to unlock Zeraora, as well as unlock new means to level up held items to make your Pokemon as competitive as possible.

Get ahold of the new space-themed styles for Lucario and Gengar this patch (credit Nintendo)

New community features have been released in the Pokemon Unite patch 1.2 update, which allows players to join in-game groups called Unite Squads that can hold up to 30 players. Unite Squads are fantastic for creating communities of like-minded players while keeping your friends list exclusively for friends and people you know.

Spectate mode allows players to spectate friends’ matches or the matches of high-ranked players. Those who are looking to broadcast competitive Pokemon Unite will definitely appreciate this feature, making it easier to cast tournaments and competitive play.

Some in-game UI changes have occurred as well, as the updates for your team’s current score condition have had their lettering and graphics changed to be less intrusive and now occupy less space on the screen. You can now encourage your teammates in battle with “Good Job!” accolades and learn more about Pokemon Unite’s MOBA gameplay in the new Battle Guide feature.

Overall, the new patch, social features, and battle pass are going to delight fans who have been playing Pokemon Unite since launch. It’s a great update that also fixes a lot of bugs and balances some Pokemon who have been struggling to stay in the meta for a while. Be on the lookout for our blog post covering those changes.


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