Pokemon Unite Greedent Guide: Moves, Items, and How to Play

by in General | Oct, 22nd 2021

In this guide, we’ll teach you how to play Greedent in Pokemon Unite using a build that abuses the Stuff Cheeks and Belch combo that’s become the signature moveset of this greedy, goofy looking squirrel-type Pokemon. Greedent’s smile and unassuming demeanor actually hides a demon that’s ready to erupt all over your opponent in its stench to get bursted down quickly. 

The release of Greedent in Pokemon Unite brings another tanky Pokemon into Pokemon Unite with a lot of burst damage. With how common Blastoise is in the meta in terms of both damage and control, it’s about time we got another Defender Pokemon that can really provide big burst damage. I personally think that Greedent’s name really suits him, as he’s probably one of the greediest Defender picks in the game as his most common moveset benefits no one except himself. One of the nice things about Greedent is that it can start fights super early and surprise your opponent with damage that it doesn’t expect. Even at level 5, Greedent can start roaming if absolutely necessary, as his Tackle is probably one of the best in the game since it has the potential to have a really low cooldown.

How to Play Greedent: The Burst Tank

For this build, we’ll be focusing on how to play Greedent as a tanky frontliner in Pokemon Unite that focuses on chunking down significant threats to your team. Greedent’s philosophy of tanking is “If I kill them before they kill my team, I’ve done my job as a tank.” Looking at Greedent’s stats, Greedent has the least amount of HP at max level in comparison to all other Defenders in the game. Greedent’s defenses are also rather low in comparison to its peers, but its Attack stat is one of the highest for Defenders in the game, tied only by Blastoise. The low HP and defenses of Greedent won’t feel as impactful as they may on other Pokemon, as Greedent can readily sustain itself from its Berry mechanic and Cheek Pouch passive.

Cheek Pouch (Passive): When the Pokemon eats a Berry, it also recovers HP after receiving the original effects of the Berry. At the same time, it stealthily stashes another Berry in its tail. Being hit by a single attack or combination of attacks will cause a Berry to drop from the Pokemon’s tail. 

Berries are central to Greedent’s gameplay as you always want to prioritize generating and grabbing Berries to keep your HP up while also being stocked to power up your moves. The amount of Berries Greedent carries at any given time can lower the cooldown of Greedent’s moves, making Greedent a rather low-maintenance Pokemon when it comes to move economy. Greedent wants to generate Berries as much as possible in Pokemon Unite, which means you’re going to want to be fighting as much as you can. If I had to make an analogy comparing Greedent to characters in other Mobas, I would compare him to characters like Draven or Bard from League of Legends, due to the fact that they require maintenance of an exclusive resource and demand superior positioning from the player. 

So what’s the best method out there for continuously fighting while making sure you’re not feeding the enemy team?

How to Play Greedent: Held Items & Battle Item

Greedent’s goal in Pokemon Unite should be to use his superior sustain to challenge last hits on wild Pokemon and start fights early. Greedent definitely spikes at around level 7, but it can definitely fight earlier if the opponent is out of position and can be punished by you and your lane partner. What Greedent lacks at all levels is control, so the items we choose offer defenses, damage and some control Greedent really needs. 

The best held items to achieve both increased survivability, control and attack damage are Buddy Barrier, Focus Band, and Razor Claw.

Focus Band and Buddy Barrier increase your HP, defense, and special defense, making you tankier and challenging to kill. Focus Band’s special effect can help you secure trades against your lane opponents and get away with a sliver of health, allowing you to abuse Greedent’s Berry collecting moves for even more recovery allowing you to get back into the fight. 

Buddy Barrier’s shielding effect makes you an absolute menace when opponents are focus targeting you, allowing you to survive with the shield effect from Buddy Barrier and the HP recovery from Greedent’s Unite Move, Berry Belly Flop which allows Greedent to recover HP, damage opponents with huge burst AoE damage while resetting all its cooldowns. Buddy Barrier essentially allows Greedent to reset the fight and punish opponents who have invested all their moves into killing Greedent. 

Razor Claw is the one item that seems ill-suited for Greedent, but it actually works really well considering how high Greedent’s Attack stat is and how many of its moves have such a low cooldown due to Greedent’s Cheek Pouch passive. Razor Claw’s after move activation effect increases Greedent’s basic attack damage, but more importantly, Razor Claw gives its holder a slow effect on basic attacks if they’re a melee Pokemon. Razor Claw’s value on Greedent cannot be understated. It helps Greedent’s basic attack damage scale well into the mid-game and sometimes the late-game while providing it a consistent slow effect that can be kept up easily due to Greedent’s low cooldown moves. 

I would highly recommend that you don’t deviate too much from these held items, but if you feel as though you don’t need Buddy Barrier, then you can grab Exp. Share for the additional movement speed as Greedent has no mobility moves outside of Covet. Float Stone is also an alternative if you want to play Greedent as a jungler/ganker, but I wouldn’t recommend doing so. 

For the Battle Item, I highly suggest using Slow Smoke instead of something like Eject Button. Slow Smoke’s effect during a team fight lets Greedent easily set up Belch to hit as many opponent Pokemon as possible. If you don’t enjoy being slightly immobile because you don’t have Eject Button, you can pick it up so you have better mobility, but the sustain and HP recovery Greedent gets from moves like Stuff Cheeks really doesn’t justify the need to grab Eject Button to run away from fights. Greedent should be trying to prolong fights as much as possible, not peel away from them.

How to Play Greedent: Skill Build

The most popular and effective Greedent moveset in Pokemon Unite right now is Stuff Cheeks and Belch and we’re not deviating from that moveset simply because it’s super effective and easy to play. If you’re already familiar with how these moves work, feel free to skip this section. If not, read on.

At the beginning of the game, you want to take Tackle at level 1 so you can reliably last hit wild Pokemon and either initiate early fights or retreat out of them. At level 3, Defense Curl becomes available which gives you a shield and spawns a Berry for Greedent to stockpile. At this point, you’re a pretty effective brawler, so feel free to abuse Tackle and its low cooldown to chunk your opponent’s health and activate Razor Claw’s effect. If you had Berries stockpiled, then Tackle should be coming off cooldown again, allowing you to chunk an opponent again. Use Defense Curl when the fight gets too hot so you can shield incoming damage and spawn a Berry.

At level 5, you’re going to wanna grab Stuff Cheeks. Stuff Cheeks spews a ton of Berries in the direction Greedent is facing while also giving Greedent a movement speed boost if Stuff Cheeks is used while maintaining line of sight to a Berry. Stuff Cheeks makes you an absolute monster in the early and mid-game as you can use it to refresh both Tackle and Belch, close the gap between you and an opponent, and sustain yourself during fights.

At level 7, you’re going to want to pick up Belch. Belch’s cone area of effect and low cooldown make Belch Greedent’s main offensive tool. The slow effect from Belch also combines well with the slow effect from Razor Claw, ensuring that your opponent’s will have a hard time getting away from you. 

How to Play Greedent: Gameplay

Greedent’s role on a team is to be the frontliner that bursts down opponents to discourage them from fighting the weaker members of your team before they hit their power spike. Since Greedent’s can fight and confirm kills in the early and mid game, your goal should be to bully lane opponents and rotate to other parts of the map when your lane partner has a level advantage against their opponents. Your goal as Greedent should be to prevent kills on your team by securing kills against your opponent. 

Greedent spikes super hard around level 7, so you want to make sure you rotate to whichever objective your team wants to prioritize, whether it be Drednaw or Rotom. Securing Drednaw should still remain the focus if you’re in the lead, especially since Belch does a great job against wild Pokemon and their predictable movements. 

By the time you hit the midgame, you should be roaming between lanes and contesting your opponent’s jungle area so that they can’t secure wild Pokemon kills to either catch up or maintain a level advantage against you. You’re great at dissuading opponents from scoring on your goals, so rotate to whichever goal you feel will get attacked soon in order to rack up kills and dent your opponent’s points. 

Greedent doesn’t do super well against Pokemon with a lot of mobility like Talonflame or Zerora. Play patiently against these opponents and ensure you’re hitting your Belches in order to 2HKO them. Pokemon that provide a lot of crowd control like Mamoswine, Pikachu, Alolan Ninetails, and Blastoise can be really irritating to fight against since you want to use Stuff Cheeks to weave in and out of your opponent’s range while regaining HP. Any time you’re thrown up, frozen, stunned, or rooted is a window for your opponents to get free damage on you. Make sure that you have Stuff Cheeks up for after your opponents have used all their crowd control so you can recover HP and fight back into them.

The great thing about Greedent is that he’s rather agnostic when it comes to the composition of your team. Greedent really excels with Pokemon with strong gap closers like Talonflame and Gengar, or Pokemon that are mobile and can snipe kills easily like Greninja. You’re going to be contributing a lot of damage during fights in the mid-game, so you want your teammates to be able to capitalize on the damage you do and secure kills. You may be a tanky brawler that can take a lot of punishment, but you should prioritize playing with your team and getting kills that open up objectives rather than hunting down the same level 9 Cinderace over and over again.

Learning how to play Greedent in Pokemon Unite can be a bit challenging because it can be difficult for newer players to know when it’s the right time to start a fight. However, you get a lot of leeway because of Stuff Cheeks which can save you from risky plays and early mistakes. The most challenging aspect of Greedent has to be learning when you’re most effective and how to fight intelligently in the first few levels. Just because Berries provide you with sustain doesn’t mean you’ll be able to survive burst attacks from three opponent Pokemon. Greedent’s also got mobility issues and falls off a little in the late game due to Belch not scaling as well as other abilities.  

Greedent really shines in the hands of players that know how to take advantage of snowballing momentum. If you can ensure that your laning phase prioritizes hitting levels and take advantage of the Tackle and Stuff Cheeks spike, you can be assured that the rest of the game will go in your favor. 

Best of luck in your games!


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