Pokémon TCG Battle Arena Rayquaza GX vs Ultra Necrozma GX Decks Announced

By Cody Perez

August 13, 2019


Pokémon TCG Battle Arena Rayquaza GX vs Ultra Necrozma GX Decks Announced

The Pokémon Company has announced the two latest decks that will be joining the Pokémon Trading Card Game later this fall. Those two decks are part of the Battle Arena line of decks that pit two specific cards and decks against one another, specifically, for an ultimate rivalry for the ages.

Battle Arena Rayquaza GX vs Ultra Necrozma GX Detailed

The two latest decks to join the line this time around are the Pokémon TCG Battle Arena Rayquaza GX versus Ultra Necrozma GX decks. As you can see, the lead two legendary Pokémon in these two decks are Rayquaza GX and Ultra Necrozma GX, both of which are strong, fan favorite dragon types.

Both decks are preconstructed, meaning that they have 60 cards each and are built for matches immediately. Also, both are led by either of the two-dragon legendary Pokémon in their GX forms plus both are foil cards. In fact, it does seem as if both decks come with both dragons.

For now, we know that there are two foil legendary Pokémon GX cards in each deck, with one of them being the lead Pokémon that you can see on the cover of the preconstructed Battle Arena deck. The other will, presumably, be the opposite card so you are free to buy whichever deck you want and still get both.

In addition to those two foil cards, though, there are seven more foil cards that will make up the deck. There will be six foil basic energy cards for players to use in battle and one foil Prism Star card. Beyond those cards, we also know that the Battle Arena decks will include a special Supporter card.

That Supporter card will have all new artwork for players to check out and show off to their opponents. It is unknown at this time which of the Supporter cards will be included in the deck or what its artwork will look like. There are also some Trainer cards included, too.

The Pokémon Company is making sure to include some tournament-level Trainer cards in the deck so that you are ready for competing as seriously or casually as you’d like. The Trainer cards we know about currently for the decks are Cynthia, Erika’s Hospitality, and more.

Beyond the cards that will be available in the Pokémon TCG Battle Arena Rayquaza GX versus Ultra Necrozma GX decks, there are some additional goodies that players who purchase them will get for free. Included along with the cards in each box is a metallic coin for coin flipping mechanics.

You also get a two-player playmat and rule sheet so that you are ready to play against your friends or rivals anywhere you’d like without having to worry about your precious cards getting dirty whatsoever. There is also a deck box contained inside for putting all your cards in for easy travel.

There are also some damage counters for noting how much damage your Pokémon has at the time and a quick guide for understanding the various basic strategies that these Pokémon TCG Battle Arena Rayquaza GX versus Ultra Necrozma GX decks have.

Finally, there is a code card inside the pack of goodies that will give you access to the entire deck you purchase digitally. You can redeem the code in the Pokémon TCG Online game on computer or mobile and begin playing with the same deck you just bought physically there.

New Battle Arena Decks Release Date

The Pokémon TCG Battle Arena Rayquaza GX versus Ultra Necrozma GX decks will be releasing in less than two months from now on October 4, 2019 at the Pokémon Center and where all trading card game products are sold near you.

Thankfully, though, you won’t have to wait too much longer for details about the cards themselves. We have all the details you need to know about these two decks including what the current version of Rayquaza GX and Ultra Necrozma GX do so you can know ahead of time.

To begin with, these two-dragon type Pokémon aren’t weak to one another at all. Though dragon types are weak to each other in the traditional video games, the trading card game has these two dragons only be weak to fairy type Pokémon, making this for an even match up that way.

Rayquaza GX Card Details

Pokemon Rayquaza GX Card

Rayquaza GX has a whopping 180 health that is barely lower than Ultra Necrozma and has the ability Stormy Winds. When you play the glorious dragon Pokémon from your hand to your bench during your turn, you may discard the top three cards from your deck.

If you do this, you can attach a basic energy card from your discard pile to Rayquaza. This is an interesting ability that if you know you’re going to need the card as your active Pokémon soon, you can add an additional energy to it so that it is closer to being battle ready.

With just that one energy card, you can activate its GX ability when it is in play. That ability is Tempest GX, which allows you to discard your hand and draw 10 cards. It’s worth noting, though, that you can only use one GX ability per match so choose wisely between using this one and the one that Ultra Necrozma GX has on its card; more on that in a bit.

Now, Rayquaza GX has one final ability that is its main and only form of attacking the opponent. That move is Dragon Break and costs one grass energy, electric energy, and then any other type energy for three totals. Dragon Break does base 30 damage times the number of grass and electric energy attached to it.

If you happen to have a total of seven energy on the Pokémon, for instance, it will do 210 damage at once, which is enough to take out Ultra Necrozma GX in a single hit. Rayquaza GX has no resistances and a weakness to fairy types. It costs three energy to retreat it and save it for later.

Ultra Necrozma GX Card Details

Pokemon Ultra Necrozma GX Card

Ultra Necrozma GX, on the other hand, is a nice counterpart to Rayquaza GX as both are easily capable of going toe to toe with one another. To begin with, Ultra Necrozma GX has a little more health at 190 in total. It is also weak to fairy types and only takes two energy to retreat it to the bench.

Both of its abilities cost one psychic energy and one steel energy. In the case of its GX ability, we have Sky-Scorching Light. Oddly enough, you can only use this ability under certain circumstances, which is if your prize cards and your opponent’s altogether equal six or less.

That is highly specific and presumes that the match is either close or one player is losing badly. Either way, when this is the case, you can use this ability and put six damage counters on each of your opponent’s Pokémon. This will kill some and damage others significantly like Rayquaza GX.

That sets up the enemy nicely for its main attack, which is Photon Geyser. Again, it costs at least one psychic and steel energy to use this attack, and you will lose all psychic energy attached to it in the process. It does 20 base damage plus 80 more damage for each psychic energy discarded so it does 100 damage at the least.

All you need is two psychic energy cards on Ultra Necrozma GX and you suddenly have 180 damage right there, which is just enough to wipe out Rayquaza GX in one hit. Overall, both cards are decently capable of taking the other one out so long as they have the upper hand in battle to get enough energy first.

As such, the Pokémon TCG Battle Arena Rayquaza GX versus Ultra Necrozma GX decks are worthy decks that will be strong ones against just about any deck minus fairy types, including each other. You’ll have to wait a little bit longer for these two decks when they release on October 4.

Until then, stay tuned for more details about the Pokémon TCG Battle Arena Rayquaza GX versus Ultra Necrozma GX decks including what the Prism Star and special Supporter with unique artwork cards will be.


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