Pokemon Starter Deck 100 Launches in December for Japan

by in General | Sep, 13th 2021

The Pokemon Starter Deck 100 is launching on December 17 in Japan. This is exciting news for Pokemon fans, even if they somehow don’t come to America. There will be some amazing new decks to play for new and old fans, featuring 414 old and new cards. We know that these boxes will have their decks picked randomly, so people can’t just scoop up all versions of Deck 012 if they want. 

What We Do Know

This writer is glad that each box will have a randomly determined deck, but hopefully, it will deter scalpers from scooping them up en masse. It probably won’t, but we can hope. The Pokemon Starter Deck 100 is an incredible concept, and there will be so many fascinating combos coming to life. Each of these random decks will also come with damage counters and status markers, so you’ll be able to play as normal. In the initial announcement on Twitter, some of the cards were officially revealed. You can also see the official reveal on the Pokemon-card website, such as Deck 001, which will feature Rayquaza V and VMax cards from the Sky Stream expansion.

We’ve also seen Deck 006 teased, which has Umbreon and Tyranitar V. This one’s theme is interrupting your opponent as they try to claim victory. There’s also Deck 018 with Jolteon V and a brand-new Greedent V card. That deck is going to use coins to inflict big-time damage on your opponent. Deck 0048 stars Scorbunny and Pikachu, while Deck 070 has Boltund and Emolga. The most interesting reveal was Deck 081, which has brand-new V and V-Max versions of Kingler. Why is this interesting? First, it’s new, and second, it’s Kingler! Kingler is a rad Water-type Pokemon. 

More of the reveals are likely to come, but this writer wants to know which deck will have Piplup/Empoleon and Gengar. There is no word if these will come to America, but judging by what we’ve seen so far, they will likely be imported by Pokemon fans either way. Either way, the Pokemon Starter Deck 100 is awesome, and there’s no telling what else will show up in it.


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