Pokemon Legends Arceus Will Reportedly Be Like the Pokemon Let’s Go Games

by in General | Nov, 30th 2021

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is coming out in the near future, with many hoping that it will usher in a brand new era for the long-running monster-collecting series. As such, it is a bit surprising when someone brings up some possible Pokemon Legends: Arceus Let’s Go similarities.

Pokemon Leaker Gives Thoughts on Legends Arceus

This is exactly what one of the most prominent Pokemon leakers out there recently noted, though, on Twitter. The Chinese Riddler has given their verdict on what they think about Legends: Arceus, and the thoughts are interesting, bringing up the Let’s Go games in the process.

For those who may not know, the Chinese Riddler is a random account that popped up on the social media platform a few months back and started leaking information about Legends: Arceus as well as the recently released Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl games.

What was notable about the leaker was how correct they were time after time, revealing information beforehand that would then be confirmed, including new regional variants for existing Pokemon that will appear in Legends: Arceus and a whole lot more. 

Even more fascinating is the fact that the Chinese Riddler would not just leak information most of the time, instead, opting to follow their username and provide riddles about the leaked information. This required the community to put their heads together to solve the details that the Riddler was trying to share.

Leaker Thinks PLA Is Fresh But Boring

Perhaps the greatest mystery, though, is how the Chinese Riddler has access to all of this information many months before these games come out. No matter what, they have proven to be a reliable source, and possibly the only one at this time when it comes to the Legends: Arceus title. 

As such, it is quite interesting and notable when the user finally opted to give their thoughts about what they think about Pokemon Legends: Arceus. It seems that this new game, while surprisingly inventive and a bold new (yet old) direction for the series, reminds the Riddler of a certain other Switch Pokemon game. 

In fact, it was not long before the Chinese Riddle made some direct Pokemon Legends: Arceus Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee comparisons. It all began with a top-down view of the new game, including how he is not too keen on some of the new aspects of the game.

The user noted that he feels that the game is quite grindy and hardcore in the long-run, while also feeling “fresh” in some parts. One example of this freshness that the leaker gave was regarding the different action-packed strategies that you would need to use on the different boss fights. 

This is presumably in reference to the mechanics that the player can use against the story-related boss enemies, like the new Scyther evolution, Kleavor, and others. That said, while there are new mechanics like that one, the leaker feels that it is “easy to get bored” with Legends: Arceus.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Let’s Go Comparisons Made

Before continuing with their thoughts on the game, they noted that it is “unfair” to directly compare Legends: Arceus with other games in the mainline series since it focuses on singleplayer components and new elements that we have never seen before in a Pokemon title. 

That said, the leaker did not refrain from making the Pokemon Legends: Arceus Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee comparisons in the end. One person responded to one of the tweets that they shared, asking about what else the player can do besides collecting and the main quests. 

In response, the Riddler noted that Legends: Arceus is basically a “catching game.” In this way, the Pokemon Legends: Arceus, Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee comparisons come into play as it plays like those games but with some action-based elements thrown in there as well. 

This part of the game is grindy since there are parts of the game that have gone from the optional nature of other Pokemon games into a required feature. For instance, you reportedly have to grind to level up the Pokédex level to unlock new areas and keep going with the main story.

Both Games Focus Mainly on Catching

In this way, it is a very singleplayer-focused game that is mainly about collecting monsters, something that is in the main series, for sure, but not compulsory for completing the story usually. Overall, the Pokemon Legends: Arceus and Let’s Go, Pikachu and Eevee comparisons are unsurprising. 

After all, we already knew that the point of this prequel game was to show the time in which the very first Sinnoh Pokédex (or Hisui in this case) was created. You are making that yourself, so that pretty much means that you would need to collect every Pokemon out there in the region and more. 

Since the Let’s Go games were also about collecting Pokemon, rather than focusing more on battles, it is clear why the Chinese Riddler drew these connections. That said, the difference here is that you can battle wild Pokemon unlike in the Let’s Go games, which should make a difference. 

Not to mention that Legends: Arceus is trying other new things like the, seemingly segmented but still open, open world and action-like gameplay mechanics. To conclude the Chinese Riddler’s thoughts on the unreleased game, they rated it out of 10 along with every other mainline game that came out since Generation IV.

How Legends: Arceus Fares Compared to Recent Games

Starting with Generation VIII, though, that we are currently in the midst of, they gave Sword & Shield an 8/10, BDSP 5.5/10, and Legends: Arceus 7.5/10. For reference, they rated the original Diamond and Pearl a little higher at 6.5/10 and Platinum at 8/10.

Other notable inclusions are the highest ratings for Black 2 and White 2 at 9.5/10 and the lowest scores other than the Diamond and Pearl games being X and Y at 7.5 and the Let’s Go games at 7.5. It is interesting that Let’s Go is rated the same as Legends: Arceus when, personally, I think that PLA is a far more interesting game than Let’s Go. 

It is possible that this is just their taste showing, but it is also an indication of just how different everyone’s thoughts can be. So, while the similarities are somewhat there, players should probably not put too much emphasis on a single person’s opinion as to how they will also likely feel about the games.


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