Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Could Release With “Placeholder Music”

by in General | Oct, 18th 2021

Is Pokemon Diamond & Pearl really going to launch with an incomplete music score? On November 19th, 2021, Pokemon Diamond & Pearl remakes launch, but a viral video shows it still using MIDI samples from the 2006 release of the original games. This could just be a carryover from preview builds though, before the full OST is ready. The actual audio for the games could be ready, but fans are hearing it and baffled by the news. This came originally from a Youtuber, Lewtwo who highlighted the soundtrack in a series of tweets.

Not All Music is Equal in Pokemon Diamond & Pearl:

Lewtwo points out the music discrepancies in a few tweets last week, and it’s really got people talking. Apparently, a friend discovered this originally, and Lewtwo highlighted it on Twitter. The music highlighted is the Trainer Battle theme, and that it sounds like a MIDI you’d find in the original game. They hypothesize that the game could be rushed to launch, or the game was unfinished in the preview that people saw last month. Both of these are possible. Some of the music sounds amazing, but other parts of it are “MIDI farts”, according to Lewtwo.

It could simply be that the preview of the game had placeholder music, which would be fine. That’s nothing to worry about – provided it doesn’t show up in the launch release of the game. However, Centro Leaks on Twitter has said a Day One Patch will be needed:

Just a reminder, a day 1 patch will be required for BDSP. I wouldn’t be surprised if the games shipped with this placeholder music but the day 1 patch contains the final songs. Development for BDSP wasn’t smooth.

We do know that Shota Kageyama (Game Freak music artist, long-time employee) is composing the music, but the remakes themselves are also being worked on by ILCA. It’s a really peculiar situation to be in. A Day One Patch isn’t exactly a new thing in games these days, but seeing an incomplete game (soundtrack or otherwise) is disappointing. As far as the patch goes, The Pokemon Company reportedly stated that a Day One Patch might be necessary, but the actual content that it features is unknown. It’s also said that people who own the physical game won’t be able to access everything until they have it.

Sure, the MIDI soundtrack was good for its day, but this is a remake, and we’re hoping to hear some awesome, reimagined versions of the songs. Even if they include the MIDI as an optional soundtrack (as FFX allowed an original/remade soundtrack), hopefully, the Pokemon Diamond & Pearl music is ready to go.


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