Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Remake Leak Shares Exciting Details

by in General | Jun, 2nd 2021

A recent Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remake leak has come to light, through Centro LEAKS. A fairly reliable source on Pokemon information, they’ve discussed the contentious visuals of the upcoming remakes. Not everyone is excited about the chibi look of the remake, dividing the fanbase in half. We have a release date already thankfully on November 19th, 2021. While we hope to learn more at E3, we do have some information to share through this leak.

Graphical Improvement, But No Artstyle Change

Centro LEAKS provided the latest Pokemon Diamond and Pearl leak. A new trailer is reportedly coming soon, and that’s not a shock. After all, E3 is on the horizon, and Nintendo is sure to do everything they can to make a splash. We’ve seen some hints of a very chibi/cute art style for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl’s remake, and the leak reveals the graphics have improved a lot. However, the art style is not changing:

“A new Pokemon Brilliant Diamond / Shining Pearl trailer will be released soon (don’t know how soon, could be E3). While that’s not surprising, the interesting part is that we’ve been told that the graphics have improved “a lot”. We will have to wait and see for ourselves.”

One of the responses was worried the Chibi Dawn and Lucas styles were changing, but Centro alleviated those fears. The art style isn’t expected to change, but the graphics are going to be improved greatly. For those worried that “they can’t improve the graphics in a month”, bear in mind the art we saw originally could have been very old, and the improved content wasn’t ready yet. 

Whether or not this winds up true remains to be seen. We won’t have to wait long, since E3 is coming very soon. On a personal note, this writer particularly enjoys the art style, but wouldn’t be adverse to a change if one happened. There were rumors that the character designs were going to be changing, but Centro LEAKS states that is false information and is something random taken off of 4chan. 

Either way, it’s very exciting to be going back to Sinnoh, and on the Switch no less. Will we also see a Switch Pro announcement? There have been teases and leaks leading that way, but this writer isn’t particularly convinced.


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