Pokemon BDSP Cloning Glitch Discovered, Lets You Copy Pokemon and Items

by in General | Nov, 24th 2021

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl have been out for only a little while now, which means that plenty of new information is coming out about the game every single day as more players beat the game, explore all corners of the experience, and discover what secrets are hidden. This includes the likely unintentional Pokemon cloning glitch in BDSP. 

Pokemon Cloning Glitch Discovered: What It Can Do

The Pokemon cloning glitch has been discovered and credit (as far as we can tell) go to the Twitter user Kevinfor5 who posted about it recently on the social media platform. The tweet has not gotten as much attention as it should have, despite the fact that this glitch is absolutely insane.

The Pokemon cloning glitch is exactly what it sounds like: what it does is allow the player to go into their group of Pokemon that they have collected thus far and then clone any of the Pokemon to make another one that is exactly the same as the one that they previously had. 

Without a doubt, the usefulness of this Pokemon cloning glitch is unparalleled and is one that could likely be taken out of the game in the very near future. As such, players should take advantage of it while they can as it will fundamentally break some of the hunting mechanics in the title. 

What it is able to do is quite literally take just about any Pokemon in the Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl games, and then clone it to your Pokemon Box. The new version of the Pokemon will be exactly like the previous one, right down to every aspect of the mon.

This includes the exact same level that the previous one had, the stats, IVs, ability, moveset, and so on. Basically, anything that you would expect to move on from that Pokemon will come with it to the new one that will be exactly the same as the last one. 

In fact, this even includes the possibility of bringing over items with the cloned Pokemon as well. That is by far the most impressive part of the experience for some players as that means it is a sure-fire way to clone Rare Candies, Master Balls, and other elusive items legally and safely. 

The Pokemon cloning glitch is an unbelievably helpful one, but it is also something that will go viral fast, meaning that it is only a matter of time until Game Freak chooses to patch it out of the game. In the meantime, we highly recommend not doing any updates until you have used the exploit as much as you would like to. Here’s how to make this Pokemon cloning glitch happen. 

How to Use the Pokemon Cloning Glitch in BDSP

There are a few different steps that you must do with this Pokemon cloning glitch and the steps are very specific. However, once you do it once, it is fairly easy to memorize the steps and get into the swing of doing it over and over to clone the best Pokemon and items that you have. 

The steps go like this from point-to-point, with our further breakdown of the scenario below:

  • 1) Put one Pokémon in Box 1 Slot 1 and another one in Box 2 Slot 1
  • 2) Put the Box 1 Slot 1 Pokemon in the Battle Box
  • 3) Talk to the woman in the daycare and select the Box 2 Slot 1 Pokemon
  • 4) Switch boxes 1 & 2 with the button below and the Y Button. You have to press Y twice
  • 5) Once you have the Pokémon in the Battle Box Selected, press B twice and A. Congratulations, you have a temporary Missing No.
  • 6) Now put 1 trash Pokémon you don’t want and the Pokémon to duplicate in the Battle Box, and check his summary in the Battle Box. Don’t put any Pokémon you want to keep in first; it’ll disappear.

And that is all it takes in order to complete this Pokemon cloning glitch and end up with two of whatever Pokemon and items you like. For clarification purposes, the Battle Box or Battle Team is something that you can access by pressing X to access it while in the Pokemon Box system. 

Another key element is that you need to have the Pokemon Day Care unlocked, which is in Solaceon Town, which can take a good amount of time to reach in the games, especially if you do everything. For me, it took around 10 hours to reach the Day Care Center since I was going so slow. Thankfully, you do not have to become Champion and reach the BDSP postgame to use it

While it takes some effort and practice to get this Pokemon cloning glitch in BDSP down, its use is unbelievable. Take, for instance, the Mythical Pokemon like Jirachi and Mew that you are given if you have to save data for Sword & Shield and Let’s Go.

If you know someone who does not have that save data, you could clone your Pokemon and give one to them. Better yet, if you find a shiny Pokemon, there is no need to keep grinding that same shiny Pokemon through the Poke Radar or what have you, as you can just clone it and then trade with other people for their shiny Pokemon. 

This is an amazing glitch and one that we highly recommend taking full advantage of while you still can. There is a strong chance that Game Freak will fix it rather soon, given how exploits like this do not usually last too long, so be sure to use it now if you’re interested. Furthermore, perhaps play offline for the time being until you are done cloning to avoid accidentally updating the game automatically. 


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