PlayStation State of Play Coming Next Wednesday Focusing on 3rd Party Titles

by in General | Oct, 25th 2021

Sony has been on a roll announcing titles for the platform, and they’ve also been moving some of their titles to PC. But when it comes to showcasing games outside of E3, one variation has taken the world by storm. The direct-styled presentation. Starting with Nintendo the concept of showcasing games through a Livestream has been the most optimal way to get all parties involved, with players from around the world tuning in to see what’s going to come out for some of their favorite developers. PlayStation has decided to implement this same concept in their own way, and thus, the state of play was created. PlayStation has had a few of these for their consoles, and players have been tuning in to see what kinds of games are going to get released. Sony has even skipped out on E3 to show one of these showcases dedicated to titles coming to the PS5.

Now, they’re doing it again, but it’s not going to be focusing on first-party titles.

PlayStation State of Play

Previously, PlayStation has announced all-new first-party titles for the platform. With games like God of War Ragnarok, Spiderman 2, Wolverine, and more coming to the console in the future. However, with the announcement of a new State of Play, Sony has decided to temper the expectations for this broadcast. 

Posted on their website in a short blog post. PlayStation details that the next state of play is coming on Wednesday. The time of the broadcast is going to be 2 pm Pacific Standard Time, 5 pm Eastern, and 10 pm British Standard time. The presentation is only going to last around 20 Minutes and is going to focus solely on third-party titles. 

This might come as a slight disappointment for some PlayStation fans since the announcements from the PS5 Showcase blew players out of the water with the massive amount of first-party titles coming out, it’s no surprise that players are going to be clamoring for more information about some of their favorite titles yet to be released. However, this is also something that the company is doing since the amount of hype for other broadcasts like Nintendo can cause some friction between the company and the fans. 

However, this doesn’t mean that some games aren’t going to get released.

What Could Appear

Some of the games shown at the previous state of play were third-party titles as well. Players can expect developers like Gearbox to show up for the state of play, showing off more of their next borderlands spinoff game, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. With the players taking control of DND characters in a fantasy world, controlled by Tiny Tina herself. 

With November 5th coming in the next two weeks, there’s no surprise that Call of Duty is going to get an appearance at the Playstation state of play as well. Seeing that the previous 2 Call of Duty titles have had some form of PlayStation exclusivity, with Modern Warfare’s Survival missions being included for a whole year. Cold War also had their Zombies Onslaught maps held back from players on other platforms for a whole year due to PlayStation’s exclusivity deal. The likelihood of the next game in the series, Call of Duty Vanguard getting its own PlayStation exclusive feature isn’t slim.

On top of that, PlayStation also mentioned in their blog posts that there are going to be announcements for games that haven’t come out yet. Knowing PlayStation’s willingness to make their shows stand out from the competition, there’s a likely chance that something big is going to be revealed for third parties, but the real question is, what could it be?

There are a few possibilities, and those can be found in the most unlikely place. Nvidia Geforce. The leak from a few months ago gained some credibility when it was revealed that God of War was going to be ported to PC, some other titles that were announced were also shown at the previous showcase as well, such as the uncharted PC Ports. 

Looking back into the leak, there’s a likelihood that Judgement could have its chance to shine as a PC Port, being that the PlayStation is the only place that players can try out the Yakuza Spinoff series, it would make sense for SEGA to announce the game’s coming to PC at the third party showcase. While the titles are already out, PlayStation’s causal announcements for PC ports of some of their titles, it doesn’t seem out of place. 

Another title that could possibly make an appearance if it is real, is the possible Bioshock title being made by 2K. The new bioshock game in the Geforce now leak states that the game is supposed to come out sometime in 2022. With that in mind, there’s a chance that the game, if it’s real, could be shown at this new PlayStation Event. Being that they’ve shown off Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands previously, it’s safe to say that they could make an appearance at this showcase.  In the leak, there were two titles in the Bioshock Series being made by 2K, a remake of the first title, and an RTX update for the game. Seeing that the PS5 has been pushing raytracing, showing off the Raytracing in Bioshock’s remaster, or their remake would be an interesting announcement, and would get fans excited for a new title.

EA could also make an appearance as well, being that they announced a remake of one of their fan favorite titles, Knights of the Old Republic. There’s a chance that more information about the game, such as what they’re going to change with the remake could be making an appearance of it’s own at the showcase.

There’s also another game that could make an appearance despite being a third party title as well. 

Square Enix has some games up their sleeves as well for this coming year, with Guardians of the Galaxy launcing on all platforms the day prior. However, that’s not the game they’re going to show. There’s a chance that the second half of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake could make an appearance, seeing that they were able to make the extra campaign for the game on the PS5 version, and especially with the title being a Ps5 Exclusive, there’s a possibility that the game is going to be revealed.

Some VR Games could also appear at the showcase as well, considering that some of the developers like Polyarc, who’s responsible for the game moss, could show more of Moss 2, which got a chance to be revealed at the previous event. The first game came out on PC and PSVR, so there’s a chance that the game could make an appearance, especially with Moss being a PSVR excluisive.

However, all of this is speculation at the end of the day. The runtime for the PlayStation State of Play is only 20 minutes, and if players are planning on checking out the broadcast, Sony is probably going to try to keep their players invested, seeing that it’s been extremely hard to pick up the console they’ve been promoting for the past year. 


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