PlayStation 5 Sells Over 10 Million Units Worldwide As Sony Struggles to Meet Demand

by in General | Jul, 29th 2021

Over 10 million units of the PlayStation 5 have been sold thus far, making it the best-selling PlayStation of all time. What a truly astonishing number, one that, in hindsight, was to be expected. We’re talking about an incredibly powerful and yet appropriately priced console — a slice of next-gen gaming that delivers across the board.

A mere 249 days were necessary for this towering white behemoth to reach this oh-so-impressive milestone. And its success is made all the more impressive once you factor in how long it took its predecessors to accomplish the exact same feat: the PS3 took 271 days to move just as many units (still an impressive number as far as we’re concerned), the PS3 took over two years, whereas the PS2 crossed that threshold more than a year after being released.

Who would’ve thought that the PlayStation 5 would sell so many units in the midst of the worst and most severe semiconductor shortages in history! Just imagine how much bigger this number would be had Sony been able to meet the demand — something they’re still very much struggling to do.

Regardless, records have been broken and that’s the only thing that matters in the grand scheme of things.

The Never-Ending Rivalry

The fight between Sony and Microsoft has never been this fierce. Both giants are selling exceptional products and will no doubt bear the fruits of their labor. They are selling their consoles at a loss, but whatever profit they’re losing out on right now they will earn back many times over in just a couple of years; both companies are playing the long game and have already found incredible amounts of success.

Sony, however, is still a cut above — as was so often the case throughout history. We still don’t have any official sales numbers from Microsoft, but if an industry insider is to be believed, the Xbox Series S and Series X consoles have sold around 6.5 million units in total. These numbers, while certainly respectable and impressive, pale in comparison to the success of the PlayStation 5.

Be that as it may, both companies have reached new highs and will no doubt continue setting records in the months and years ahead!


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