PlayStation 5: Everything We Know So Far | News, Rumors, Specs

by in General | Apr, 23rd 2019

PlayStation 5 has become the subject of heated discussion across the internet lately. Everyone seems to love talking about it, yet only a select few have legit information that has actually been officially confirmed. Others are just spewing petty speculation carefully disguised as facts, something I personally hate. PlayStation 5 rumors are one thing while PlayStation 5 facts are quite another. No need to worry, this article will have both, but won’t try to force feed false information up your throat.

In all honesty, there is a whole bunch to digest. The latest PlayStation 5 rumors and news were just the icing on the already gigantic cake. One thing is certain – just like the Winter and the White Walkers, PlayStation 5 is coming! Although we could end up waiting more than a year for it to finally hit the shelves…

PlayStation 5 Rumors

Don’t worry guys, we won’t be covering those conspiracy theories portraying PlayStation 5 as a modular PC with console-like firmware, capable of running games in 8K. Nope, that’s not what we’ll be doing here!

Instead, we’ll be discussing several of the most popular PlayStation 5 rumors which stand out as potentially plausible. Rumors, news, and speculations that haven’t been officially confirmed but are gaining traction online. This doesn’t make them any truer, I’m well aware of that, but they’re still solid stepping stones for the official facts that will come later down the line.

With that in mind, let’s see what sort of PlayStation 5 rumors is the internet talking about!

Appearance and Aesthetics

Let’s start off with the basics – appearance. At the time of writing this article, no one knows what the console will actually look like at release. There’s a ton of fake leaks, renders, speculation and that sort of stuff, portraying a futuristic console design, but I’m afraid that couldn’t be farther away from the truth. The official PlayStation render is not available yet, and it will most likely stay that way for quite some time now. That said, don’t believe everything you see on the internet!

Potential PS5 Controller

Backward Compatibility

Yes, it’s true! Sony has officially confirmed that PlayStation 4 games will be compatible on the upcoming PlayStation 5. This part should’ve gone in the PlayStation 5 Fact section, come to think of it. However, let’s stretch this one a bit further and hope for PS3 compatibility too. We’re not talking about full compatibility with all PS3 games since that would be next to impossible. But still, the biggest PS3 titles shouldn’t be that difficult to port… so let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best.

Blockchain DRM | Bye Bye Piracy

Now, this is one of the most absurd PlayStation 5 rumors I’ve seen so far. While it does seem silly at first, knowing what a huge problem piracy is in the world of gaming, a new and innovative DRM could make PlayStation 5 an unhackable console.

Last year, Sony patented their special blockchain-based DRM technology that could serve as a completely decentralized security system. Obviously, hackers and pirates would have an almost impossible task at their hands since penetrating such systems is next to impossible.

Of course, this would require a constant internet connection, something that won’t seem reasonable to many gamers. Still, a blockchain-based DRM, even though it sounds rather futuristic and hasn’t been confirmed yet, could be the security solution Sony needs.

PlayStation 5 Facts

Now that we’ve seen a few interesting PlayStation 5 rumors, let’s focus on the confirmed facts that will be present at the day of the PS5 release.

Hardware Specifications | AMD-Powered Next-Gen Beast

In the sea of interesting PlayStation 5 rumors circling the internet over the last few months, hardware specifications seemed to be the most popular ones. But now, it’s official. The new Sony’s console will run on a Ryzen processor and Navi GPU. Great news for the red tribe, right?

The processor is based on the third generation of Zen 2 microarchitecture with the help of the brand-new 7-nanometer manufacturing technology. The Navi GPU is making waves too, especially now that raytracing support has officially been confirmed. With promises of 8K resolution (not for gaming, of course) and the timely storage change (SSD instead of standard HDDs), PlayStation 5 seems to be set to take the console market by storm.

However, with such powerful hardware, many people are starting to speculate about the price tag. Realistically speaking, we’re likely to see an increase in contrast to the PS4 release. I for one wouldn’t be surprised to see PlayStation 5 priced at $600 or even more. While such huge price tags couldn’t be justified back in the days of PS3 and PS4, they surely can now. Especially considering that most flagship phones now cost double the amount.

PlayStation VR and 3D Audio Support

Yes. This next-gen console will fully support the PlayStation VR headset. That said, the same will probably work for PlayStation Camera too, meaning your extra peripherals will continue being viable even if you upgrade your console.

Another interesting thing is the so-called three-dimensional audio system. It aims to amp up the audiophiles’ experience thanks to a specialized AMD chip. The folk over at Sony are promising better space awareness through this three-dimensional audio system. However, a proper set of headphones are a prerequisite, as noted by Sony’s Mark Cerny.

Optical Drives Aren’t Going Anywhere

Believe it or not, the upcoming next-gen Sony console will feature an optical drive. Yep, optical drives are apparently still “in” in the world of console gaming. Even though digital video game marketplaces are continuing to thrive, it seems as though Sony doesn’t want to kill the optical drive just yet. Once again, this information has been confirmed so an optical drive in the next-gen PlayStation console is a done deal.

2019 Release Date Confirmed

Yep… 2019’s PlayStation 5 release date is confirmed, but that doesn’t mean what most of you think right now. You see, Sony confirmed their PlayStation 5 (or whatever they’ll end up calling their next-gen console) will not be coming out in 2019.

In my opinion, the best-case scenario says will see it in March 2020, twenty years after the legendary PlayStation 2 release date. However, a more realistic approach is November 2020. Need I remind you, both PS3 and PS4 were released in November. In 2006 and 2013, respectively. That leads me to believe the upcoming PlayStation 5 might follow in their footsteps.

That’s about it as far as PlayStation 5 rumors, news, facts and speculations are concerned. If you have anything you’d like to share with us on this topic, give us a shout on Twitter!


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