Playrix Games Website is Directing Traffic to Malware Site Says INTRUSION

by in General | Aug, 4th 2021

According to INTRUSION, its threat detection team found popular mobile games website Playrix has been redirecting traffic to a Malware site. The team found suspicious behavior on a pair of websites out of Russia, Playrix, and Yandex, and both are doing the same thing. INTRUSION is a company that focuses on threat intelligence, using real-time artificial intelligence to defeat cyber attacks as they occur. It’s pretty horrifying to think of a site that has roughly 17.5 million visitors a month leading people to malware without the users’ knowledge but here we are.

#3 Mobile Gaming Platform Globally

Playrix is in fact, the #3 mobile gaming platform in the world. There are some who might not be familiar with the name, but they focus on fairly common, casual mobile games. This includes Fishdom, Township, Homescapes, and Gardenscapes. Conversely, Yandex is the Russian version of Google, and as we said, has roughly 17.5 million visitors a month. Playrix Games is also reportedly sending people to malware sites and has quite the following. Gardenscapes has had nearly 500 million installs worldwide, since its 2016 launch.

Gary Davis, INTRUSION’s Chief Evangelist had this to say:

“This discovery illustrates just how easy it is for innocent visitors to be exposed to malware. It reinforces the point that we need to make sure our employees understand how to safely navigate the Internet and that companies need to use advanced cybersecurity innovations to protect their employees and critical assets.”

INTRUSION noticed a path from the Playrix games website thanks to an unusual JavaScript. It appeared on Playrix and redirects visitors to a Yandex subdomain. INTRUSION’s threat research team tracked over 20 known malware files that seem to link back to this Yandex subdomain. Imagine hopping onto your game and winding up with a bunch of malware on your phone or PC! Worse still, if you’re doing this on a work network, it could wind up infecting your entire system. It’s so easy to get infected by malware these days. Not even companies you’re familiar with are safe, or always on the up-and-up.

We do not know if the Playrix site was hacked and had the malware link placed there, or if something else is afoot, but we aren’t going to speculate on it. However, as this story develops we’ll keep you up to date.


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