Players Will Reportedly Be Able to Read Comic Books in Fortnite

by in Fortnite | Aug, 7th 2020

Epic Games could be about to surprise players with yet another entertainment distraction to use in Fortnite besides, well, actually playing battle royale matches. A new Fortnite comics leak has potentially revealed that there will be comic books coming to the game soon. 

Fortnite Comics Leak Revealed

The Fortnite comics leak comes from the renowned data miner HYPEX who hasn’t been one to let us down in the past. The Twitter user posted about the new comic book leak on their social media account, noting that readable comic books will be coming to the game in the near future. 

According to the battle royale data miner, “an unknown source” revealed to them this week that the comic books will arrive in Fortnite very soon. This is a rather strange leak and one that is questionable since the data miner themselves don’t even know who this source is. 

They made sure to note that this source isn’t their old, usual source for finding out new information regarding the battle royale game. Because of this, this does make this leak a little less reliable than the past ones that the data miner has done, but there is some hope for this to be true. 

The only reason that HYPEX brought up this Fortnite comics leak now of all times after already hearing about it in the past is because of some information that they were able to uncover within the game files. The new update that dropped earlier this week revealed the comic books early.

Glitched Animation Revealed the Comic Books

The Fortnite cars patch released with a new file in the game that is known as “comic reader”, which certainly seems to be related to, well, reading comic books. That alone is already some fascinating information that certainly lends more credence to this new game feature. 

But that isn’t the only part of this Fortnite comics leak. In addition to that, the same data miner was able to share a clip of a glitch that appeared in the battle royale game for one user. In the clip, the user was switching Fortnite accounts on Xbox One when a bug happened for them. 

What These Comics Will Likely Be

More than likely, this animation is part of the overall Fortnite comics leak where players are supposed to see it in the future when the comic books are officially added to the game. These new items in the game will be likely readable where you are able to relax away from the battle royale competition and just read about fictional stories.

As for what those stories will be, it is more than likely that they will be superhero comics. More importantly, this is helped by the fact that heroes have been a major part of the game for a while now. Last season, players were able to get a Deadpool skin in the game, and this season they’ve been able to get an Aquaman one. 

Though they are from competing comic book companies, it is likely that we will at the very least get books from either Marvel or DC Comics. In fact, it looks like there will be Marvel books at least at first. The zoom in on the image of the leaked comic appears to be one for Thor. 

It is possible that the first round of comics in the game will be Marvel-centric ones where players will be able to read about characters like Thor, Deadpool, Captain America, and the like. At the same time, there is even the chance that these comics will be original works from Epic Games.

How We Will Possibly Unlock the Comics

After all, the lore and backstory of the Fortnite world has become increasingly more obvious and a major part of the game. It wouldn’t be surprising if Epic Games decided to start making its own comics about Jonesy, Meowscles, and all of the other popular characters in the battle royale game. 

This would be a cool way to not only offer a new feature and item category to players but to also flesh out the world of Fortnite more. It is clear from the leak that the comics are coming to Fortnite at some point, but when will that happen and how will players be able to unlock them?

The first question is a pretty easy answer: it is likely that they are coming this season at some point. Whether through an event this season or just randomly in the coming weeks, there is no doubt that the comics will come in season three since the animation is there in the battle pass screen and the recent in-game file. 

As for how you will be able to unlock these comics in the future, that is something that will likely vary. There may be one or two that Fortnite gives out for free to everyone but the rest would probably be either purchased in the item shop, unlocked through challenges, or given out in the battle pass.

The battle pass is sort of off the table at this point since we already have this season’s but it could be part of the season four battle pass. So, it’s more likely that you will be able to unlock through some event challenges or purchase them in the item shop for a limited time. Regardless, we should find out about them officially soon enough.


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