Players Will Get the Ability to Kill the Imposter According to Among Us Roadmap

by in General | Jun, 11th 2021

To call the indie game Among Us a “smash hit” would be an understatement, as the game received massive amounts of popularity for its simple to understand yet difficult to master gameplay, with the game becoming one of the most viewed games on YouTube. The concept for the game is simple: ten players are locked in a spaceship, with one to two of the players taking the role of the imposter. The crewmates then must work together to complete a list of minigames, ranging from swiping a card to realigning the spaceship’s engine, while the imposter’s goal is to eliminate all the crewmates on the ship. However, if a body is discovered, the players will have to use deduction and reasoning to determine who the imposter is. Once the group has reached a consensus, the guilty player will be ejected from the ship.

Among Us is all about misdirection and mind games between friends, and this twist on the game “werewolf” was the one thing that sparked the massive uprising in popularity. Fast-forwarding to today, and Among Us is still going strong, appearing on the Summer Games Fest Livestream to announce a roadmap for the game, including a lot of new features, as well as some new roles to spice up the gameplay.

The Roadmap

While nothing shown in the roadmap has a set release date, we learned quite a bit about what to expect in the near future. For starters, the roadmap shows off 15 players in a single match, meaning that there could be more than two imposters at a time while still keeping the flow of the game so that it doesn’t too quickly. Fans welcomed this option to have three imposters, though it was mentioned that putting three in a ten-player game made the game feel unbalanced and could end in a matter of minutes if players could not bring out the traitor during the meetings.

A new mode called Hide & Seek is coming to the game as well, which puts one imposter as the seeker and the rest of the lobby as the hiders. Fans of all ages remember the rules of Hiding and Seek, and Innersloth is putting an Among Us spin on the game, as the imposter’s field of view is extremely small. With the game using visibility akin to the fog of war from League of Legends, for the seeker to see the hiders, they’ll have to get close enough to the player.

For now, it sounds like InnerSloth has its hands full this year. Despite having launched back in 2018, it’s insane that the game has made the impact it has two years after its initial release. However, it’s completely fair to say Innersloth has shown no signs of stopping anytime soon with all the content that is coming for the game.


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