Players Concerned as Halo Infinite’s Beta is Besieged by Hackers

by in General | Nov, 23rd 2021

Hackers are a part of every shooter, and Halo Infinite’s multiplayer beta is apparently no different. December 8th is a huge day for Halo because that’s when Halo Infinite officially drops. The multiplayer beta is free for everyone, but despite that, Halo Infinite is getting plenty of hackers in ranked matches. 343 Industries promise there will be anti-cheat, but it should have been dropped at the same time as the multiplayer beta, perhaps. If it is already in the game, it’s pretty clear that it’s not stopping anyone. The worst part perhaps is that people aren’t even being clever or sneaky about cheating.

Hackers Openly Running Rampant in Halo Infinite’s Beta

Sometimes, people are simply incredibly good at a game. Knowing the spawn points is important in games like Halo. We’ve seen a few accusations of cheating, and some of them are a little vague, like this Reddit post. The poster points out that this player doesn’t drop a shot the entire game, and not all of it looks like cheating. We could see the argument for wallhacks in the video though. It could be someone who just plays like a God and is ready for the pro Halo scene.

DougisRaw on Twitter, however, had a completely different experience. He was showing off a previous match he played when he noticed something incredibly suspicious. One of the enemy players was tracking perfectly through walls, continuing to shoot even when they were behind cover. Doug got pre-naded, despite the other player having no info on where he was. He screamed in frustration, “Are you even going to hide it?!”

This did look incredibly suspect, and we don’t blame Doug for being furious at being bested like this. Now, we do know for sure there will be anti-cheat. We have no details about what it is, when it’s going to be in the game, and what it will do. All we can do is hope that it actually slows down or stops cheaters in Halo Infinite because we don’t want this exciting new shooter to constantly be plagued by hackers after the beta.

Everyone who enters ranked queue wants to hit Onyx, and not everyone on the controller or mouse/keyboard is cheating. We’ll keep an eye on this as it develops, and if the anti-cheat winds up working in Halo Infinite post-beta.


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