Players Can Unlock the Fortnite Verve Emote for Free Through Party Royale

by in Fortnite | Jul, 24th 2020

Epic Games has announced that the next installment of the We The People x More Than a Vote event will be happening next week. The second in the series of conversations will stream for players to check out then and also have the chance to get the Fortnite Verve emote in the process.

Second We The People Event Happens Next Week

Players will be able to get the Fortnite Verve emote for absolutely free without spending any real-world money or V-Bucks to get it. It is only through the We The People event that you will be able to do this, though, which is where we come in with how to do this.

For those who haven’t kept up with the We The People conversations in Fortnite, it is a series of conversations that come from Opus United. This is unlike the other things that we have seen screened in Fortnite as it is for a different purpose.

Instead of being something entertaining like the movie premieres and live concerts of the past in battle royale, this We The People series is here to inform, inspire, and empower the players who are part of the Fortnite community.

What the series of videos are informing about is for young adults to take action against the voter suppression crisis that is unfairly impacting black communities. And facilitating these conversations are some famous people like various athletes and entertainers.

Who Will Be in the We The People Event

The We The People x More Than a Vote upcoming event is going to be the second one streamed live in Fortnite for players to check out if they want a break from the battle royale action and a chance to do something that could make a huge difference in the U.S.

The second part of the We The People event will happen in Fortnite on Tuesday, July 28, at approximately 4 p.m. PT. It will feature a slew of celebrities from both the entertainment and sports industries, hosting these conversations to aim at young people in the U.S.

Cari Champion will host the event, which will feature various celebrities including athlete Jason Heyward, rapper and activist Bun B, athlete and sports host Jalen Rose, actress and comedian Yvonne Orji, and rapper Russ.

The panel of stars will have the event both in Fortnite and Houseparty simultaneously on Tuesday afternoon/evening. Not only is this event a way for players to stay informed about the various issues in the nation and what you can do about it, but you can get rewarded in the process just for showing up.

Players Can Get the Fortnite Verve Emote Next Week

The new Fortnite Verve emote will release during this event. Players will have the chance to earn it for free just for dropping by. All it takes is your time and attention for some time, and you will get this Fortnite Verve emote for your collection.

Fortunately, this isn’t a throwaway cosmetic reward either. The emote itself is a new dance emote that is cool and a great addition to your collection of dance moves. If you are a collector in Fortnite or just love emotes in the game, you shouldn’t pass up on this free one that will save you some money overall.

It is understandable if you are unable to attend the event on Tuesday when it goes live and happens then. You could be busy with work, school, and so on. Thankfully, this won’t be the only chance for players to unlock the Fortnite Verve emote next week.

The We The People x More Than a Vote livestream will happen again with replays on Tuesday and most of the day on Wednesday, July 29. So, if you are in a different time zone or are busy, you should be able to drop by at some point and check this out.

What the Fortnite Verve Emote Is

Screenings of the conversations will happen every other hour after the initial showing on Tuesday for a total of 22 hours throughout Tuesday and much of Wednesday as well. Those are at least 10 showings that will happen in total during those 22 hours, so there are plenty of chances to jump into the conversation and get your Fortnite Verve emote for free.

As for this emote itself, it is modeled after the original dance video submitted by Michael Mejeh during the Emote Royale Contest. Mejeh went on to win the contest and have his dance created by him and his brother Jamie brought officially into the game.

Interestingly, the official Epic Games blog notes that players need to log into the game from July 27 at 5 p.m. PT through July 29 at 5 p.m. PT and they will get the Verve emote for free. It seems like you don’t have to view the We The People event, but the other info in the post seems to indicate you need to be in the Party Royale showing.

If you don’t receive the item upon login when you join the game during that time, be sure to show up for the We The People event. Interestingly, we are just getting the winner of the Emote Royale Contest as that happened way back in January this year but, fortunately, it will be free for everyone.


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