Former Competitive Player and Streamer Swifte Accused of Harassment and Theft

by in General | Feb, 21st 2020

Former Dignitas and TSM substitute Swifte found himself in hot water. Several women came forward accusing him of harassment and Evil Geniuses Academy top laner Brandini came forward claiming Swifte stole parts from his computer during a tryout with Echo Fox.

How It All Started

The Swifte drama started after a Twitter user named Alexis made a post criticizing Swifte for ditching his team at the Twitch Rivals event at the time. The tweet resulted in Alexis and other girls coming out about their experiences dating Swifte and the abuse they suffered under him. This included threatening girls who came out against him for the alleged abuse.

What he did wasn’t directly revealed, though the girls suggested it wasn’t pleasant. One girl claimed her friend got creeped out shortly after making a Twitter account. He abruptly sent her a private message and hit on her.

Another girl noted he claimed he dated a 14-year old before breaking up with that girl to try and hit on her. Alexis claimed he lashed out if anyone criticized his treatment and disdain for his stream viewers.

The Swifte Drama Continues

The Swifte drama didn’t stop at abuse. Evil Geniuses Academy top laner Brandini came forward, claiming Swifte stole his computer parts during a tryout Swifte got invited to on Echo Fox. He provided additional evidence to prove the allegations, including DMs and communications with his org at the time, Knights.

Swifte responded with a TwitLonger post trying to excuse himself from the allegations before this. He claimed he solved the issue with the then-unknown player by stating it was just a single item. He said he paid the person back a larger amount of money that one object cost.

The post backfired. Swifte insulted his readers and lashed out at anyone who spoke out against him, including revealing private information about one of the girl’s personal lives.

It was a painful piece to read for many. Swifte quickly deleted the tweet linking the post. However, it spread like wildfire through the community. At this time, no charges or punishment have been brought against Swifte. We’ll continue to keep you all updated as the situation develops.


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