Philadelphia Eagles Become NFL’s First Esports Tournament Club Provider

by in Sports Games | Dec, 15th 2020

The Philadelphia Eagles are officially the first NFL team to have their own bi-annual esports tournament series! They are going to be working with the Esports Entertainment Group as a part of a multi-part deal. The Eagles will have the EEG to run a series of bi-annual Madden NFL esports tournaments, using the Esports Gaming League platform. Eagles fans that may not be esports fans could use this as their gateway into the scene! Now that’s good news.

Philadelphia Eagles Madden NFL Esports Events Await

The Madden NFL games may be popular, but the esports scene needs a little shot in the arm, it seems. Some huge news has come from it this year though. One of our personal favorites was Joke winning with the Madden Bowl without a single passing play. But what can we expect from this partnership? 

Sure, the Eagles will become EEG shareholders, that’s to be expected. As a partner of the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles, we can expect some interesting bi-annual esports events. Now, we don’t have any concrete information on when these will begin, but we here at Esports Talk will keep our eyes glued to news as it develops.

The Esports Entertainment Group is also going to work with the Eagles, creating custom videos to promote the tournaments and make certain the news gets around social media, email, email, and other online channels. Sounds to us like they’re sparing no expense to make sure people will know what’s going down and when. 

Catherine Carlson, Senior VP of Revenue and Strategy spoke of the partnership:

“This innovative partnership with Esports Entertainment Group presents a wonderful opportunity for us to expand our reach in a growing market and create new experiences for Eagles fans. Esports Entertainment Group has always been a progressive leader in the esports space and has been ahead of the curve in terms of how its interactive platform brings together gaming enthusiasts from all around the world. We look forward to debuting a number of exciting projects through this partnership, including the launch of the highly anticipated Madden tournament series on the Esports Gaming League platform.”

A New Wave of Esports Fans

We want to see more major sports teams embrace the power that esports has. There’s a lot to offer on both sides, as far as broadening horizons goes. There are plenty of NFL fans that have probably never watched esports, and if the Philadelphia Eagles can help grow that audience for the Madden franchise, that’s nothing but positive. We can’t help but imagine the Eagles will be leveraging their players to hype up tournaments.

There’s a lot that can be done. Have the players join livestreams of big Madden players, or simply stream themselves and talk about it. Even better if this could be hyped up by the NFL. There are still lots of football games to go this season. Use the time on the major networks wisely and talk about these sorts of upcoming events. We don’t know what will come of these esports events yet, but we’re excited nonetheless. The Esports Entertainment Group do solid work creating events, so this will hopefully be a fruitful partnership.


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