Phantoml0rd Claims Twitch is Silencing Him After Lawsuit Win

by in General | Apr, 28th 2021

Phantoml0rd recently had a lawsuit win against Twitch for allegedly “misleading viewers” when it came to skin gambling. A very controversial figure, this happened when Twitch began cracking down on CSGO gambling streams just in general. This led to a lawsuit over “unsubstantiated, false accusations”, which Phantoml0rd eventually won. Now he’s alleging Twitch is keeping the documents hidden from the public and trying to keep him from talking about the lawsuit further.

He has however made a public statement on the lawsuit via Twitter, which can be read here.

“A Win For All Streamers”:

Though the lawsuit was for 35 million dollars in damages, instead, Phantoml0rd took home 20,720.34 which he seemed to be fine with. This was ultimately, in his words, a “win for all streamers.”  Phantoml0rd seems to be eager to talk about the lawsuit win over Twitch, though he’s now alleging Twitch is trying to silence him. How is this?

According to Phantoml0rd on Twitter:

Twitch just asked the Judge to silence me from tweeting/talking about the lawsuit… That only works on Twitch. Oh, and also they’re also trying to seal their internal documents from being seen by the public!!

It seems he is still eager to talk about what went down, and he may share his thoughts on it all very soon. Whether or not that actually happens remains to be seen. If actually sealed by a court, it would be a terrible idea for Phantoml0rd to talk about the lawsuit win over Twitch in a public setting. Either way, it likely won’t be on Twitch, since his account still appears to be banned.

Most likely, it will be over Twitter, or even his YouTube channel, which hasn’t had a video posted in 4 years. Would we like to see Twitch be more transparent on things like bans, and punishments in general? Of course. Would we like to see Twitch put more effort into fairly doling out punishments? It would be nice, for sure. Phantoml0rd’s actions with CSGO skin betting is pretty controversial, to say the least, but he won out over Twitch in a court of law. We’re very curious what went down, and hopefully, it isn’t sealed away so he can’t talk about it. 


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