PGL Major Stockholm News Suggests One More Hurdle Remains As Sweden Eases Travel Restrictions

by in CS:GO | Aug, 19th 2021

We have some good news coming from PGL and Sweden! The upcoming PGL CSGO Major could still be hosted in Stockholm, Sweden. The Swedish government announced changes to the temporary entry ban. What does this mean for the tournament? We’re about to cover that in the remainder of our PGL Major Stockholm News piece!

PGL Major Stockholm News

The changes to the temporary entry ban will be instated on August 23. They will allow players and staff members to enter Sweden. This was the first big hurdle PGL emphasized late last month. As things stand now, from August 23 onward, esports players, staff members and people supporting the event will be able to travel to Sweden.

“I am glad that this decision now opens up the possibility of holding international eSports events even during the pandemic. Sweden has long been a leader in eSports, which is a position we must preserve,” Sweden’s Minister for Culture and Democracy, Amanda Lind, said.

Another Hurdle Remains

What’s the second hurdle standing in the way of PGL Major being held in Stockholm? Unfortunately, it’s one that’s likely to cause issues over the next month or so – large attendance. Late last month, PGL stated that there are two requirements for them to hold the PGL Major in Stockholm.

  • The first one is obviously the ability for all participating teams to enter the country.
  • The second one is the ability to have large in-venue crowds throughout the main stage.

As we’ve stated earlier in this batch of PGL Major Stockholm news, the first hurdle is gone. The Swedish government eased travel restrictions for esports players and staff members. However, large crowds for indoor events are still prohibited.

On the bright side, some changes are scheduled to take effect on September 15. That’s the expected date for the lift on restrictions for indoor events in the country.

But, nothing is set in stone just yet, and the folks over at PGL are well aware of that. Things could change any moment now, especially with COVID-19 cases steadily increasing across Europe. On the bright side, PGL is ready to switch the location should things go to the point of no return.

“We’re looking forward to holding the PGL CS:GO Major playoffs in Stockholm, but we’re also prepared to change direction in September if that event isn’t accessible to the audience. – PGL stated


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