Pewdiepie Diss Track Goes So Hard YouTube Removes it for Cyberbullying

by in Entertainment | Feb, 19th 2021

PewDiePie never seems to be too far from controversy. The latest drama to come up is thanks to his latest diss track that PewDiePie dropped on Youtube. Sure, B**ch Lasagna seemed to be fine, and was wildly popular. The issue with this one, according to YouTube Support, is that it violated their policies of child safety and harassment. Though we didn’t get to hear the diss track before it was removed, it was aimed at the children’s show Cocomelon. Though they weren’t the only target in the track, it sounds like the Swedish content creator went a bit far.

Child Safety and Cyberbullying Statutes Were Allegedly Violated

Apparently, PewDiePie’s diss track hit 6ix9nine as well as other people, but aiming at a children’s program on Youtube? That seems like a fairly low blow. Is Cocomelon kind of creepy and unsettling? OF course it is – it’s a show for young children! It’s supposed to be light and repetitive. It’s inoffensive, but not interesting. We aren’t the target audience for it though.

This particular YouTube diss track was dropped by PewDiePie back on February 14th, but by February 19th, it was removed. When questioned why this removal went down, TeamYouTube responded on Twitter:

If you’re curious to hear the Cocomelon diss track by PewDiePie, it may not be on YouTube, you can likely find it on other avenues on the internet.


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