Petey Plastic Claims Fortnite Stole His Look for a Skin

by in Fortnite | Feb, 12th 2021

Petey Plastic is a streamer on Twitch with about 19,000 followers and a unique look. Usually clad in bright pink, he has an LGBTQIA+/rapper persona that is hard to forget. He connects with people quickly and has solid skills in Fortnite. However, across a few tweets and videos, Petey Plastic calls out Fortnite, accusing them of taking his entire gimmick to make a skin, and did not get his consent for it. But is that the case? An argument can be made to the contrary.

Not a Petey Plastic Skin but a Cuddle Team Skin?

It’s not a secret that Petey Plastic has used this look for years now, so seeing it suddenly as a skin in Fortnite, we can see why this could be the case. But it’s too easy to blame Fortnite for stealing an idea when other things could explain it. 

Regardless, here’s what Petey Plastic had to say. “Being that I’m an official Fortnite creator with Epic Games, I’m honestly hella salty they made a character extremely similar to my appearance. Like almost a carbon copy down to the bracelet… At least name the skin after me or something.”

The skin in question here is called “Cuddle King,” so that’s where we have the doubt coming in. Petey Plastic is reportedly speaking to his lawyer about this, to sue Epic Games due to stealing his look for the Fortnite skin. It sounds like he would prefer the skin named after him instead of going to litigation.

However, quite a few people seem to disagree. The broken heart on the Cuddle King’s shirt is supposedly inspired by the Cuddle Team Leader and fits the overall aesthetic of the Cuddle Team skins. Cuddle Leader has been quite pink since its inception and has the same broken heart on the stomach (where the shirt would be). 

While there is at least some truth here, Cuddle Leader dropped in 2018. It just doesn’t add up to Petey. “This skin happens to have heart-shaped glasses like I always wear. My fur coat that I wear to all the events, including TwitchCon. The tattoos, although they’re not the same exact tattoos, the tattoos are all over the arm, just like my picture.” 

If this was supposed to be a skin dedicated to Petey Plastic, and there’s been a breakdown of communication, that would be one thing. It’s for sure an exciting situation, and there’s a logic that makes sense on both sides of the argument. We imagine Epic Games probably takes threats of a lawsuit seriously, so we’ll have to see where this one goes. We’re not sure who is in the right here because both sides again are pretty compelling. If it’s true, and Epic Games did thieve his look wholesale, there should be something done, such as naming the skin after him. Maybe Cuddle Leader Petey? It’s not our place to say.


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