Persistent Petitioners Banned From MTG Arena War of the Sparks Chronicles Pauper Event

By Cody Perez

May 22, 2019


Persistent Petitioners

Say goodbye to Persistent Petitioners, as it has been officially banned by Wizards of the Coast for the upcoming Magic: The Gathering Arena War of the Sparks Chronicles Pauper event. Unfortunately, we don’t know if this ban is only going to pertain to the upcoming event or all future events as well.

Regardless, players will now be able to enjoy the relief of not having to run into another Persistent Petitioners deck once again during the Pauper event. The event is set to be the second event during the five weeks of the Chronicles that begin on May 23 and run all the way through June 28.

Each week during the event, there will be a new match format for players to take on and the second week will be the Pauper style. This is a simple event to grasp, much more simple than its fellow event format Momir, which will be used for the first week of the Chronicles event.

When players are using the Pauper match format, all players are only able to have cards in their deck that are of the common variety. This severely limits the player’s deck and what they can use. While there are absolutely plenty of common cards, suddenly, most players aren’t able to some of their standard decks.

As such, when the Pauper match format is used, players will commonly use two types of decks that are major pain in the neck for opponents. Those two decks are the Rat Colony and Persistent Petitioners decks. The latter will be banned and not available for use in the upcoming Pauper event in the game.

Why Was It Banned?

What makes those decks so popular in the Pauper match format is that, of course, both of them are common rarity so they can be used but they don’t adhere to the normal card amount restriction. While most cards can only have up to four of them in a deck at once, you can have as many Rat Colony and Persistent Petitioner cards as you’d like.

This becomes even more problematic when you realize what these cards do. For starters, the Rat Colony is a simple card that, on its own, is a waste of space basically with weak attack. But, for every Rat Colony card you have, every single one of them gets plus one to attack.

Even having just five of these cards together at the same time can be detrimental to a team, especially when the opponent is limited to common cards in Pauper. Thankfully, though, there are a good number of ways to counter this including wiping the field and so on.

As such, it’s no surprise that the Rat Colony card hasn’t been banned, too. As long as you prepare ahead of time, you should be fine in defeating this mostly one-trick pony type of deck. On the other hand, Persistent Petitioners isn’t so easy to counter, hence, its ban.

Released much later than Rat Colony in the recent Ravnica Allegiance expansion, this card also allows you to have as many of them as you want in your deck and is a common rarity card. As long as you have at least four untapped advisor cards in play, you can make your opponent put their top 12 cards of their deck into the graveyard.

If you have a deck full of this card, you can easily end the match in just a short period of time before your opponent can figure out how to retaliate. It’s arguably much more overpowered than a Rat Colony deck, which is why it’s so important that Wizards of the Coast banned it for the upcoming Pauper event.

Chronicles Limited Time Event Details

Oddly enough, though, it is still a legal card (at this time) in Singleton events, which sucks since there is a Singleton event coming up soon as well. However, Rat Colony is also a much worse problem in that match format where it is also still legal.

Players will be able to enjoy the first Persistent Petitioners free Pauper event shortly as it is set to start May 31 and run through June 7. It will be part of the War of the Sparks Chronicles event that begins very soon on May 23.

The limited time event will run for a grand total of five weeks, offering not just a lengthy event but a varied one as well. Each of the five weeks will host a brand new match format for players to compete against with new rewards to receive.

The first week, which we already covered, will feature the Momir format, which focuses on just straight up randomness. Players will be able to go in without a deck and hope that RNG is able to help them get the win, depending on which cards they come up with.

As such, there is no loss record for this first week of the event so players won’t have to worry about getting kicked out of the event for getting too many losses. That has been the case in the past with tournaments and other limited time event modes.

Thankfully, that isn’t the case so players are able to freely keep playing as much as they want until they reach the 15 wins required to receive all of the awesome rewards and there are some truly great ones. Gold and stained glass cosmetic cards are both available for players.

However, those rewards and rules are specifically for the first week of the Chronicles limited time event. While we do suspect that the second week featuring the Pauper match format will be similar, there is no guarantee at this time.

As such, it is worth preparing your card collection ahead of time to fight off the soon-to-be seemingly endless swarm of vermin since we do highly expect that there will be quite a few Rat Colony decks to appear during the event.


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