Perkz and Alphari Reportedly Looking to Switch Teams and Play Together in 2022

by in League of Legends | Oct, 26th 2021

If the rumor mill is to be believed, Luka “Perkz” Perković and Barney “Alphari” Morris could not only leave their current teams but might even “migrate” someplace else as a package deal. What a truly astonishing bit of information — a twist for the ages, if you will.

Now, nothing has yet been made official, but as the old saying goes: where there’s smoke, there’s fire. And this, if true, would no doubt set the entire Western competitive scene ablaze. This was first reported by Esportsmaniacos but has since been corroborated by other sources as well, so it definitely has a bit of weight to it.

Just the sheer thought of Perkz and Alphari competing under the same banner is more than enough to get us watering at the mouth. It’s what dreams are made of — the best Western player of all time competing alongside the most dominant top laner around. It really cannot get any better than that!

In all fairness, Esportsmaniacos’ report lists all possible options: these legends might stay with their current teams, they might leave separately, or perhaps even depart in tandem. So, frankly, there’s not a whole lot to talk about seeing how it’s all still in the air. Be that as it may, the fact that both individuals are looking to explore their options is quite telling, and so is their wish to compete alongside one another.

A Fairly Logical Next Step

Perkz took very little time to ascend the LCS throne as a part of Cloud9 so, frankly, there’s really no reason for him to stay — other than his insanely lucrative contract. He’s been competing at the highest of levels for years and has earned a very respectable amount of money thus far. One can, therefore, rightfully assume that he’s no longer motivated by dollars and euros. Instead, he seeks a challenge, one that would give him a reason to tryhard.

Alphari, on the other hand, came up short in both Spring and Summer, and with the whole coaching staff debacle, his presumed desire to leave Team Liquid needs no explanation.

Both individuals are still contractually tied to their current teams, but there have supposedly been multiple organizations that are more than willing to buy them out — no matter the asking price. Team Vitality and Fnatic, in particular, have shown great interest, and the same goes for a few other North American organizations as well.

Team Vitality have long been interested in creating a superteam of sorts, and if they happen to get both Perkz and Alphari, they would no doubt stand a very good chance at dethroning MAD Lions and writing a bit of history. And, well, they have no shortage of high-profile free agents to choose from!

In any case, it’ll be mighty interesting to see where these two behemoths will end up next, and whether they’ll even switch teams at all or, conversely, play out their contracts and maximize their earnings. Millions of dollars are in play, so it’s definitely not an easy decision to make.


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