Perfect Legend Accused SonicFox of Abusing Adderall

by in Fighting Game News | Aug, 11th 2021

Dominque “SonicFox” is one of the greatest fighting game players in the world. SonicFox is a five-time EVO champion, for Injustice: Gods Among Us (2014), Mortal Kombat X (2015-16), Dragonball FighterZ (2018) and Mortal Kombat 11 (2019). However, fellow FGC veteran Perfect Legend has accused them of abusing Adderall to benefit their play, a highly controversial matter in the esports scene, Call of Duty in particular. SonicFox is well-known for their success across DBFZ, Mortal Kombat, Guilty Gear and now Skullgirls, and is an icon the world over. Carl “Perfect Legend” White is known for going 0-13 against Sonicfox in Mortal Kombat X back in 2015. SonicFox has been quite open about their mental health issues and has made it known that they use Adderall to assist with their ADHD, but Perfect Legend has refused to let it go.

An Unhealthy Conversation:

As we said, SonicFox is open about their mental health struggles, dating back to at least 2020. A thread from back in May 2020 had the fighting game pro talking bout their mental health. From medication, the effects, and their general outlook, it’s not exactly a secret. People who wind up abusing Adderal tend to do it in secret and don’t talk about using the medication openly. 

Perfect Legend was far from a primary source on these Adderall allegations on SonicFox. Instead, it came from Ado Joestar on social media, who asked Perfect Legend to attest to. This went down on Facebook, followed by SonicFox posting the conversation to Twitter, saying that if Perfect Legend had something to say, they could do it directly. According to Joestar, “Sonic is always doped up when ‘they plays in competition, since ‘it’ has so many mental issues.”

It’s one thing if Perfect Legend chose to not engage in this discussion. But he not only took part, he encouraged the offensive talk about SonicFox. Perfect Legend used the excuse of “open dialogue” to insult and harass SonicFox, despite the fact that they weren’t even in the conversation. 

This led to SonicFox calling out Perfect Legend, not for the Adderall, but the transphobic remark. SonicFox identifies as they/them, and using “it” in that way is incredibly disrespectful and offensive. Instead of saying something about that, responded with:

It’s healthy for Americans to have open dialogue. This can be a teaching moment.” 

There was a significant amount of insults and degradation in the Facebook thread on the side of Ado Joestar. More than one response to this on Twitter has highlighted that Perfect Legend was in the wrong for how this was handled. One Quote Retweet pointed out Perfect Legend let “someone who is in fact known in our community as a racist clown openly talk transphobia on something you could control” instead of stopping it puts him directly in the wrong. Another response from SonicFox was:

I never really liked mans but damn did I ever think he would go as low as to endorse transphobia and compare pills for mental health to function as a “normal” person as performance enhancing.

The Response:

These responses came from a Perfect Legend tweet that said, “It’s okay for me to get disrespected non-stop for years though. Gotcha.” This is the response to the drama between SonicFox and Perfect Legend over the Adderall allegations.

These Adderall allegations for SonicFox by Ado and Perfect Legend really came out of nowhere. Perhaps this is thanks to the two players’ experiences in Mortal Kombat. Perfect Legend isn’t a bad player by any stretch. During an exhibition, SonicFox demolished Perfect Legend 13-0 in a First-to-10 set. He’s been forever known as “13-0” online. This could certainly be the case. One Twitter user pointed out that Perfect Legend could have stepped up and stopped Joestar from calling SonicFox “it”, and Perfect Legend’s response was “Do you think I am cool with being referred to as 13-0?”

The problem here is that the 13-0 label is one of his own makings. Perfect Legend was unable to accept a 0-10 defeat and didn’t respect his opponent after the loss. It led to a 13-0 set for SonicFox, and humiliation for Perfect Legend. 

SonicFox succinctly made his point with, “You don’t have to like me to not endorse transphobia or make asinine comments about mental health.” This all felt like it came out of nowhere, and there’s no telling if either player will see consequences from their orgs. Could this be leading to Perfect Legend challenging SonicFox again? Unlikely, but it would be interesting to see. It’s nice to see SonicFox standing up for himself in this situation. 

SonicFox has been very open about mental health in the past, and so it’s unlikely that they’re “doping up on Adderall” to get wins. SonicFox also made it clear he stomped Perfect Legend in both MKX and MK11 before ever being prescribed Adderall. If any positive has come out of this, it’s a wealth of hilarious burns on Twitter, by people Quote Retweeting his passive-aggressive response to SonicFox


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