Pengu Steps Down From G2 & R6 Pro League Play

by in Rainbow Six Siege | Mar, 1st 2021

This just in: G2’s Pengu has officially stepped down as an active player of the org’s R6 Pro League as an active player. He’s apparently got plans for the future, but we would be lying if we weren’t devastated by this loss. The entire R6/esports community has come together to pay their respects to an absolute legend. Any match Pengu touched seemed to turn to gold. A pillar of the R6 Pro League, we have no idea what is next for Pengu. We’re sure it will be just as great as what he’s already done.

A Litany of Success

Pengu seemed to have success anywhere he walked in R6’s Pro League. Six Major Paris 2018? 1st. Six Invitational 2018? 1st there too. European League 2020 Finals? He had you covered with more incredible gameplay (and a first-place finish). A player of talent the likes I’ve personally never seen until this point, it’s so sad to see he’s walking away. He made the following tweet today:

“It’s been FIVE years. Five years of living my childhood dream, and getting to experience the most incredible things. I have stepped down as an active pro league player active as of this tweet. I cant wait to show you what the future holds. But for now. we gotta be patient.”

He’s left an indelible mark on the community as a whole. Parker “INTERRO” Mackay, R6 commentator said:

“It’s hard to underscore how huge of a loss this is for our community. It’s been a real privilege watching you grow — as a player & as a person — and I have no doubt you’ll thrive in whatever you do. There’s no challenge you haven’t conquered yet. I’m excited to see what’s next. On a personal note: I got to put my voice to some of your most iconic & memorable moments. That’s something I’ll hold with me forever. It was an honour casting you and even though you’ve retired, there’s a part of me that hopes I can cast you competing in pro play again.”

Well said on INTERRO’s part, for sure. The entire thread is filled with these kinds of well wishes and respect, from orgs, players, and fans alike. It’s a joy to see this kind of showering of love on Twitter. But we have to ask “What’s next for Pengu as he leaves the R6 Pro League?” and that’s an excellent question.

He only specifies he’s leaving active pro league play, so what could be next? Is he going to step up and be a coach for G2 or another org? Perhaps take a spot on commentary/analysis? Or has another game caught his eye? This is all speculation for sure, but the sky is the limit for a player like Pengu. No matter what he does, it’s going to be really exciting, that’s for sure.


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