Patriot Place Is New England’s Esports Destination

by in General | Nov, 15th 2019

New England is about to receive a brand-new home for all things esports with an 18,000-square-foot esports complex coming to Patriot Place. The new complex will host a Boston Uprising practice facility and a Helix eSports gaming center.

Mainstream Esports

Helix eSports is the owner of the largest gaming center in the United States, and they’re bringing their touch of class to New England. Why “mainstream?” This esports venue will be right next door to a major professional sporting stadium.

Patriot Place is next door to Gilette Stadium: Home to the NFL’s New England Patriots and MLS’s Revolution. It is something I talk about a lot because I believe in it. The idea that locating a building like this so close to a major traditional sport may mean cross-pollination.

Anyone can fall in love with esports. You must find a game that appeals to you. You don’t even have to play a game to love esports (but it helps). Boston is home to the Boston Uprising in the Overwatch League, so having a hub for the Uprising also helps.

The gaming center aims to create a unique experience for the Boston Uprising fans, letting them socialize in a facility next to where the professional team practices. It is such a cool idea, too, to have fans close to the action. Maybe they’ll do fan events at the Helix eSports Center? I’m willing to bet on it.

What’s In The Building?

Over 100 gaming stations will await in this huge venue with top-tier PCs, networking, and more than 30 consoles. Open daily, the building will be available to the public for social and school events, as well as competitive or casual gameplay.

There is also a partnership with SaberVR to offer immersive virtual reality games across hundreds of titles. Educational programs? You bet! It looks to me that they are ready to foster the next-gen of developers and esports stars.

Brian Earley, vice president and general manager of Patriot Place, spoke about the new building:

“At Patriot Place, we always strive to provide our patrons with new and exciting offerings. Esports is a rapidly growing enterprise and we are thrilled to announce this partnership with Helix eSports to bring this one-of-a-kind facility to Patriot Place for gamers across New England.”

That’s right; people believe in esports! It’s not just a niche thing anymore, watched by gamers on Twitch. According to Arena Digest, this is going to be a deluxe location featuring full entertainment packages with food/beverage and private rooms.

If you want to host your esports event, tournaments or competitions here, Helix eSports has you covered. Expect to see Boston Uprising, ggCircuit, Super League Gaming, Team Genji, and much more. Third-party event organizers can also offer esports tournaments here.

More Than Entertainment

Having a place to go to watch in comfort with old and new friends is fantastic, but education may be the most important thing for the growth of esports, even more than getting new fans.

This new building will have an emphasis on students and education. You can play games and join school and recreational leagues. There will be STEM, esports, and vocational education opportunities, too. It’ll be a great way for middle and high school students to start with many workshops and camps offered.

It’s never too early to get into programming and the nature of technology. It could mean serious jumps in the development of esports and esports technology. They also pointed out a curriculum for esports industry certification.

Murphy Vandervelde, CEO of Helix eSports, believes in this project:

“Helix eSports could not be more excited to announce our new gaming center at Patriot Place and our partnership with the Boston Uprising. We believe that physical gaming centers will accelerate the proliferation of esports competition for gamers from all walks of life. Our mission at Helix eSports is to build the infrastructure beneath the professional scene to create a more transparent path to a career in esports and related industries. By providing a center with uniform, high-end gaming equipment, we can level the playing field from a gear and infrastructure perspective, providing greater access to esports for everyone.”

Frankly, I do too. I may be down in the southern United States, but seeing more of these venues pop up means there’s hope for me also. I’d be willing to drive a few hours to cheer my brains out in a stadium of esports fans.


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