Paris Legion Reportedly Interested in Signing Zaptius

by in Call of Duty | May, 19th 2021

Paris Legion is struggling as one of the worst teams in the Call of Duty League at this time, but there are even more changes on the way for the organization that could help it out. It seems that there could be a Paris Legion Zaptius deal that might be happening in the near future.

Paris Legion Zaptius Deal Rumored

Unfortunately, this Paris Legion Zaptius deal has not been confirmed at this time, but sources (according to Dot Esports) have noted that the Call of Duty League team is looking into some major changes soon. In fact, the team has been looking into some roster switches for a while now.

Zaptius has helped London find their footing this season

Since April and even since the acquisition of Temp from the Los Angeles Thieves, Paris Legion has reportedly been investigating some other players to sign to the roster in order to recover and improve. This began after signing Temp to their roster, along with the former Call of Duty League pro player Saints as their new general manager.

You may know Saints from his part in the Call of Duty League inaugural season as part of the Los Angeles Guerrillas starting roster. He is one of the most prolific players in the franchise, having been around for several years and playing for some of the best teams in the esports scene.

But, at this time, he is no longer part of the main Call of Duty League for the 2021 season and has been competing in the Challengers division since he was dropped by the Guerrillas last year. He is currently part of the talented New York Subliners Academy team that is the semi-pro version of one of the best teams in the league currently.

Paris Legion Originally Wanted Saints

Saints is doing well there and it is understandable that Paris Legion would want to pick him up as someone who is experienced across his many years in the scene. However, the problem with this particular signing was that it would be a $25,000 signing requirement in order to get Saints from the New York Subliners Academy.

That is a pretty hefty price and definitely a risky one for a team that is not guaranteed to improve with that transition. Because of that, the Legion has moved on from trying to acquire Saints and, instead, is looking to get Zaptius and add him to the team now.

This potential Paris Legion Zaptius deal might be surprising given the fact that, as of recently, he has been part of the London Royal Ravens starting roster. That is no longer the case, though, as London was quick to announce that it is removing Zaptius from the roster in time for Stage 4.

This is an unfortunate decision, but with the return of Alexx to the main roster, and Afro now having the chance to play with the team after resolving visa issues, it seems that Zaptius was cut along with Zed. This is rather surprising for a young player who has been helping London to do well recently.

With London Dropping Zaptius, Paris Legion Has a Chance

They are experiencing their best performance currently in the 2021 season at this time with two wins in the third stage and then two subsequent wins in the recent Major to actually place well enough to get some solid points for the leaderboard and some prize money, too.

This has helped the team go from easily the worst in the business to now beating out two other teams to be in 10th place. That said, it seems that London only saw Zaptius’ signing as a temporary situation and will now be moving back towards its original plan for the 2021 season.

But that leaves Zaptius without a place with his now former teammate PaulEhx and likely headed back to the Challengers division. Fortunately, if this Paris Legion Zaptius deal goes through, this will be the chance for him to play on a pro team once more and possibly be a star there.

Paris Legion is struggling considerably right now as one of the worst teams in the league and they definitely need a player like Zaptius who is young and has immense talent to bolster their ranks. It has not yet been revealed who he will be replacing on the current main roster of Paris Legion.

Paris Legion Needs to Improve Now

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The Legion have struggle to get going so far this season (image credit Microsoft)

Given that this Paris Legion Zaptius deal is just a rumor for now, it is hard to say which of the players will be moved to the bench or released from the team in order to make room for him. That is something that we will have to wait and see for now as we should get an announcement in the near future if it goes through.

After all, the start of Stage 4 is just over a week away at this time and the team will want to practice together to get used to working with a new player before the matches begin. Paris Legion, like London and the other teams at the bottom of the leaderboard, needs to recover now if they have any hope of making it to the playoffs.

There are only two stages left and the fifth stage will be almost too late to start improving that much. Paris Legion currently sits in 11th place in the Call of Duty League standings with only 60 points. But they are only 10 points ahead of the last place team, Seattle Surge, and 10 behind London ahead of them in ninth place.

But there are still several matches that separate this team and the possibility of eighth place where the Florida Mutineers are currently with 120 points. That is six match wins needed, in the event that no one else around them wins in this fourth stage, so it is time for Paris Legion to improve now if it wants a chance this season.


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