Paris Legion Releases Fire With No Replacement

by in Call of Duty | Apr, 14th 2021

Update: Temp Will Join Paris Legion

Update: Soon after announcing that Fire would be leaving the organization, it has been revealed that Paris Legion is now bringing on Temp, the former Los Angeles Thieves starting player who was moved to the bench before the second Major in favor of Drazah.

Rather than bring in another new rookie to the Paris Legion roster, like they did initially with Fire, they have opted to bring in someone who is an established pro player. The announcement tweet included clips of Temp showing off his skills thus far in the 2021 season. 

Temp is a talented player who contributed to the fine results that the Thieves had in the first stage of the 2021 season and, before that, was a great player for the New York Subliners in the inaugural season of the Call of Duty League. 

Temp will now take Fire’s place on the starting roster of the Paris Legion team, which is great news for a player who would sit on the bench for the rest of the season or only play in the Challengers. The pro will now get the chance to return to the main esports competition with this move. You can read the original story of Fire leaving the Paris Legion roster below.

Original Story: Paris Legion Releases Fire From the Roster

Original story: The Call of Duty League is now reaching the middle of the 2021 season, so it is time for teams to start cementing their starting rosters to do well in the coming months. With this being the case, the Paris Legion roster has changed once more to pave the way for, hopefully, some improvements. 

Paris Legion announced on Twitter that it is making one huge change when it comes to its starting lineup in that it is releasing one of the players from the organization. It is rare to see a team like Paris so honest and blunt in its announcement, but such is the case for this Paris Legion roster change. 

The Legion was brutally honest in the tweet, noting that it lets go of the now-former starting member Fire. The rookie Call of Duty pro player was released from the team and will now be a free agent in the esports scene. This is not the standard situation at all for something like this. 

Typically when it comes to roster changes, the player will move to the bench, and they will remain on the team but are allowed to play for other Challengers teams in the amateur and semi-pro division. However, that is not the case here at all. 

Paris Legion is releasing Fire from the roster for good, but they are clear that this is the case. Again, normally, an organization will cover this move by announcing that “so and so” is taking a certain starting player’s place. 

No Replacement Immediately Announced

If there is a situation where the team is letting someone go but has yet to figure out who the replacement will be, they will not say anything until the decision is final. It then takes someone leaking this information to us or announcing themselves, like in the case of Slacked this week, for us to find out what is going on. 

It is very strange for a team to announce that they are releasing a player and admitting that and then offering no solution to what will happen for them moving forward. The organization thanked Luis “Fire” Rivera for his couple of months with the team to close out the message. 

They thanked him for being an “exemplary teammate and a fierce competitor with an unmatched hunger to learn and win.” They wished him luck in the future, and that was the end of the announcement. Again, no details were given about what is going to happen with Legion moving forward.

This is concerning since Fire was one of the four main starting members of the roster, and there will need to be someone who will be part of the team. As for Fire himself, though, he is looking to join the Challengers division once more and do well there as he did last year. 

We imagine that he will be a great player in the Challengers division, which was the case during the 2020 season, which led to him being scouted for the Legion when it came to rebuilding that roster for this year. It was a smart choice for the talented young player, but it didn’t quite work out as Paris hoped. 

Paris Legion Has Been Messy Thus Far

Though the team did seem like it would improve this year at first, they quickly settled into messy territory with few wins and points, for now, two stages and tournaments. They are currently in 10th place in the standings after the second Major, essentially tied with Seattle Surge. 

The only team that they are currently beating is the London Royal Ravens. However, that team is on an upswing and gets better and better with their rookie in PaulEhx. Not to mention that Seattle has shown its skills, most recently in the second stage, too. 

As such, it is only a matter of time until the Legion is passed up by both Seattle Surge and the Royal Ravens if this trend continues like it is currently. This would put them at the bottom of the leaderboard as the new worst team in the Call of Duty League. 

They didn’t even get a chance to show us anything in the second Major. They were in the first match of the eliminations bracket and were quickly eliminated three to nothing by the Los Angeles Thieves, who had a fantastic run in the tournament from there. 


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