Paris Legion Becomes the Next Team to Release Entire Call of Duty League Roster

by in Call of Duty | Sep, 8th 2020

Another team in the Call of Duty League will be switching things up entirely in the 2021 season next year. This time, it is the Paris Legion, a complicated team that had some ups and downs throughout the entirety of the 2020 season, being one of the more wishy-washy teams.

Paris Legion Decides to Remove Entire Roster

On their Twitter account, Paris Legion posted about the decision that they made regarding their team moving into the next season of Call of Duty competitive play. The Legion made a very surprising decision, one of the most shocking thus far, to remove a ton of players from its roster.

How many players are they removing? Seven, to be exact. That is not only one of the largest removals that we have seen this season, but it is also more substantial than that given how many players were on the roster during the league’s inaugural season.

There were only seven players on the roster by the end of the season. Paris Legion has become only the second team in the entire league to actually remove their entire roster of players and not keep a single player around for the upcoming season.

This is a move that only one other team has been bold enough to do, and this one might be the most shocking out of all of the team moves that we have seen thus far, leading up to the second season. Paris is one of the more complicated teams but removing their whole team is pretty drastic.

All Seven Players Are Free Agents

The official Twitter account posted a picture of all seven players on the roster in the 2020 season and stated that it wanted to thank all of these “fantastic players who fought until the last second of the season with pride.” And that they wish them the very best of luck in the future.

They thanked all of them for their contributions to the overall team during the 2020 season and then the postseason’s playoffs, but they are now all moving on to other places. The reason behind all seven of the starting players moving on from Paris is currently unknown.

It is possible that some of these players had other offers or asked to leave the team. Still, honestly, the announcement that every one of them is leaving leaves us to believe that this is a decision that the organization’s management decided to do.

This means that, right now, Paris Legion has no team members at all for the 2021 season since they have officially dropped Zed, Shockz, Phantomz, Denz, Breszy, Louqa, and Kismet. These players are now free agents for the 2021 season and will have a chance to find a spot elsewhere in the league.

Paris Legion Coach Is Gone Too

In addition to the players all leaving, the team’s coach for the 2020 season Joshh will no longer be the team’s coach moving forward. He will be trying to compete as one of the new Call of Duty season players instead of returning to coaching at another team.

When it comes down to this decision, it is both surprising and not at the same time. Paris started the season alongside their European rivals London Royal Ravens as one of the league’s better teams. But after the switch to online, they began to falter some and go downhill.

But, overall, they still had some interesting moments of triumph every once in a while that showed that they still had talent left. In the end, though, they were one of the most inconsistent teams that we saw throughout the 2020 season.

Because of their downturn towards the end of the season, they ended up in 10th place after some poor performances. Fortunately for them, though they started the playoffs in the bottom bracket, they could secure a single win in the postseason to beat out Seattle Surge three to nothing and at least not get last place in the tournament.

Paris Isn’t the Only Team to Make Such a Drastic Move

This meant that they could get some prize money for their single win in the playoffs and not be known as part of the two worst teams in the Call of Duty League. That said, there is no doubt that the team needs to make some huge moves to switch things up.

However, it is surprising that they aren’t keeping any of their players around from the first season. This was something that both Seattle Surge and Los Angeles Guerrillas have done thus far, ensuring that those teams’ existing fans can at least still root for one of their favorite players.

Though Paris Legion did mess up a lot during the inaugural season, they were the only team that didn’t switch up their roster in the slightest. They kept everything largely the same, so, interestingly, the team didn’t try to switch things up for the next season instead of removing everyone.

The only other team that has technically done this is Minnesota Rokkr. They started by announcing two of their players’ removal but then quickly followed it up by revealing that everyone is gone from the team. It will be exciting to see how both Minnesota and Paris benefit from these massive changes in the 2021 season.


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