Overwolf Launches a $50 Million Creator Fund for Mod Authors and Game Studios

by in General | Aug, 17th 2021

More news is coming in from Overwolf, everyone’s favorite AIO gaming platform. After partnering up with Fuze.tv earlier this year, they’re now launching Overwolf Creator Fund that’s going to help, incentivize and promote game modding.

Overwolf Creator Fund

The Overwolf Creator fund packs $50 million solely dedicated to community-driven experiences. Whether we’re talking about mod authors, in-game app creators, or game studios focused on delivering modding-friendly games, Overwolf Creator Fund will be there to support everyone!

“Everyone wins with community-created experiences. Gamers get in-game apps and mods that make gameplay more exciting; the creators of these in-game apps and mods can turn their passion into a profession, earning a sustainable income for their creations; and game studios enhance their games by outsourcing content creation to talented and passionate gamers, maximizing shelf life and engagement,” stated Overwolf CEO and Co-founder Uri Marchand.

The first studio to receiving funding from Overwolf Creator Fund is Stray Bombay. It’s a co-op game studio that will integrate Overwolf’s CurseForge Core into its first game. CurseForge Core is an Overwolf app for managing, installing, and discovering modes for games across all platforms and stores.

Stray Bombay’s game will be called The Anacrusis; it’s a four-player first-person shooter focusing on both gameplay and social space. The game is set to launch sometime in Q4 of 2021.

“We are excited to work with Overwolf as they share our vision for user-generated content. They understand the importance of integrating player-created mods, maps, and cosmetics in The Anacrusis. For us, it’s about much more than just adding content to the game—it’s about empowering creators to become involved with the development of the games they love,” said Chet Faliszek.

If you fit in the category of people eligible for Overwolf Creator Fund funding, you can submit ideas and projects here.

What are your thoughts on the whole Overwolf Creator Fund project? Are you a big fan of modding games, or are you just another console pleb? Jokes aside, tell us more in the comments section!


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